September 25, 2015

No "Crack" just "X"...... Wing that is

Well I got my WHFB mojo back and even packed my Ogres and sleeping bag all ready for Cracks Call but unfortunately my kids got to me first and managed to infect me with their kid germs... pesky things just keep passing them back and forth between themselves and me (my wife never seems to get anything).

So no gaming this weekend, will have to say farewell to WHFB some other way. I did get some games of X-Wing in this week though playing my first ever games with Scum and my new HWK that I picked up at Cerberus last Sunday.  No TLT as I don't have the cards but it was still fun.

Game 1 
Kath Scarlet - EU, HLC, Outlaw Tech, Daredevil
Syndicate Thug x2 - BTL-A4, Autoblaster, Seismic Charge, Unhinged Astromech

Chewbacca - all tooled up
Corran Horn - FSC

Getting multiple shots with the Y-Wings is good in theory hard in practice against more agile ships, oh and Kath only works if you actually get enemy ships into arc
One Y-Wing goes down early while the other and Kath try to pin down Chewbacca - manage to strip his shields early and start taking off Hull points but he is chewing through the Y-Wings something awful.  Corran just chilling and flying casual
Daredevil works really well when combined with EU it gives you some great movement options
Kath R1 firing her HLC at Chewbacca takes him out but Corran is at Range 1 in her rear with his double attack thingy - could only take out one of them so I took out the Falcon.  Kath lasted a couple of more turns but the Corran took her down
Game 2
 Palob Godalhi - Moldy Crow, Recon Specialists, Blaster Turret
Y-Wing x 2 - Unhinged Astromech, BTL-A4, Autoblaster Turrer
Z95 x 2

Dash - all tooled up
Y-Wings x 2 - BTL A4, TLT

Ok - I really like the HWK and this set up was fun getting and keeping all that focus.  Worked well till I forgot my Y-Wing turrets work at Range 1 only...
Freaking Dash moves like a hyped up Interceptor - all that focus came in handy as it kept the HWK alive while the Z95s flew interference.  
Target locks everywhere but only the TLT are able to fire not my Y-Wing turrets as I'm too far away. 
Things kind of went wrong here - I should have K-Turned everyone but moved them up 1-2 instead crashing into everyone and stopping Palob from getting his focus.  The Y-Wings really weren't doing anything to each-other but Dash just ripped the HWK a new one.
Couple of very fun games in the end - we stopped Game 2 before it went the distance as it was getting late but things swung John's way after the HWK went bye bye.

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