September 22, 2015

One last tournament to say goodbye to WHFB

This weekend I'll attending what will in all likelihood be my last ever WHFB tournament; Cracks Call in Masterton.  The event is being run by the peoples champion "Neil Williamson" and if it follows on from last years shenanigans it will be a lot of fun.  It should also, hopefully, provide a nice final goodbye to WHFB.  With the release of Age of Suckmar my enthusiasm for Warhammer has disappeared completely and I am now - as you've probably guessed - sitting comfortably on the train to X-Wing land.  After 7 years, 100's of games, a couple of dozen tournaments and several armies I am calling time on Warhammer Fantasy.  I still have two armies on the shelf - Ogres and Dwarfs all fully painted and looking great but both now little more than plastic dust collectors.  Yes some people are talking about the "9th Age" rule set and keeping "8th Ed" going but I can't see it lasting and in all honesty I no longer care.  So Cracks Call this weekend 2000pts of (slightly modified) 8th Ed will be the last games of WHFB I play... here's what I'm taking.

Tyrant (General) - 312pts
w. Great Weapon, Armour of Destiny, Crown of Command, Dragonbane Gem

Bruiser (BSB) - 182pts
w. Additional Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Talisman of Preservation

Butcher - 160pts
w. Level 2, Lore of Great Maw, Dispel Scroll

10 x Gnoblars - 35pts
w. Musician

10 x Gnoblars - 35pts
w. Musician

9 x Ironguts - 437pts
w. Full command, Lookout Gnoblar, Banner of Swiftness

5 x Leadbelchers - 225pts
w. Musician

3 x Mournfang - 220pts
w. Heavy Armour, Ironfists, Musician

3 x Mournfang - 220pts
w. Heavy Armour, Ironfists, Musician

Ironblaster - 170pts

Did come very close to withdrawing from the event entirely and in all honesty I am still only 50/50 on whether I will still go or not... but we'll see


Ben Brophy said...

I hope you go and write up a report. I have a Night Goblin army, and was working on an Ogre army for about a year as my local scene was seeing a resurgence. That scene started drying up when the Nagash stuff came out, and has completely died now. So my Ogres only got one or two battles in and I couldn't find any more games.

Now I mostly play X-Wing (and love it) but I miss the hobby of WHFB a little. I hope you'll take your chance to give your Ogres a final feast!

Michael Mills said...

Such a pity you are letting someone else (especially THEM) decide how you have fun. Oh, well. All the best with the comp and enjoy your swansong!

John Murrie said...

@ Ben - I'm still going at this stage, although I fear my kids might have infected me so hoping im not sick on Sat/Sun

@ Michael - not so much letting them tell me but reacting to the death of the game here in New Zealand. Age of Sigmar has, amongst the regular tournament players, been universally rejected in this country and the flow on impact on 8th Ed play has meant the gradual decline in player numbers has only become far greater. I would like to continue playing but locally and regionally player numbers have, as a result of AoS, declined to the point where its no longer possible.

The Kiwi said...

Have you considered having a look at 'Kings of War'?
Version 2 is excellent. It plays out a lot quicker than Warhammer but has a great feel about it.

John Murrie said...

I have but if no ones playing it then the rules no matter how good become redundant... Very small local community where I live unfortunately. Tournaments were main source of gaming if whfb goes from them then so to does 75% of my gameplay

Ryan said...

Hope you have fun at Crack's Call, really disappointed I can't make it. There are those of us in Wellington who aim to continue playing some version of WHFB in the future. Unsure if it will be enough to keep the old tournament scene going at this stage but something could emerge in time.