September 16, 2015

Tie Interceptors for the win

After a couple of games vs. Murray at the club last night and some excellent advice and tips from him I've opted to change my list for this Sunday.  The Shuttle stays in but I'm going back to my Interceptors which I seem to fly a lot better than Tie Swarms and enjoy using more.  The Blue/Red Swarm thing is fun but I can't use it properly yet.  Interceptors however I can use quite well (IMO).  So here's the revised list for Cerberus on Sunday

I could go with Shield upgrades on the Interceptors but felt like getting the 2 point Initiative grab particularly as anyone who takes the TLT Swarm is going to have to do it with PS2 ships which at least give me the chance of having the Shuttle shoot first.

Looking forward to the event but did check the field and the poor sport I played at Regional's is listed as an entry so really hoping I don't end up playing the guy.

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