September 21, 2015

X-Wing Tournament Wrap Up

Back from another great Cerberus event.  Its a small store but one that seems to be extremely well run and managed - our now defunct local store could have learned a lot from these guys.  Only 14 players in the end as a few people had to withdraw at the last minute.  The lists varied notable among the ships on display were:

  • Most numerous ships were: IG88's, followed by Firesprays and Donuts
  • No A, B or X-Wings.
  • No Decimators
  • Only 1 Phantom
  • Only 2 lists with Interceptors (including mine)
  • A fun list with 3 x Tie Advanced.
  • Only 3 lists with Twin Laser Turrets each with only 2 Y-Wings sporting them,
The event overall confirmed that Interceptors are my favourite ships and that the Shuttle while fun to have sucks balls on the table.

My opponent in Game 1 - 3 big ships with no cards or upgrades on any of them

Sootir & Turr go after the Hounds Tooth while the Shuttle gets in the way of the other 2 ships and absorbs punishment
At this stage its looking good I've stripped all the shields off the Hounds Tooth and reduced it to a single hull point, but the Shuttle has taken a real hammering
The Shuttle dies after getting stuck on debris and getting double stressed allowing the Firespray to wipe it out in quick order.  With the IG88 coming up behind me Soontir and Turr turn around to face both getting into perfect position... they both fluff their rolls (8 dce 2 hits) and then Soontir gets 1 shotted off the table - 4 hits and I roll 3 blanks.
Turr spends the next 10-12 minutes dodging everywhere and taking pot shots at people.  I managed to get the Firespray under 1/2 strength (so points there under the new rules) but can't get into position to finish off the Hounds Tooth which still only has 1 Hull Point left.  End result bye bye Turr as there are too many arcs to dodge.
vs. 2 Kiraz fighters & Kath Scarlet
My opponent did something very cool in Turn 1 - he K-Turned Kath so her arse was facing me right from the outset, very clever thinking on his part.  I surprised him by moving and boosting the shuttle up as far as it could go meaning his fighters zoomed past me.  The aim was to concentrate everything on the Firespray
Its nice when a plan comes together - the Kiraz fighters are both beyond Range 3 and a long way behind me and I have all 3 of my ships lined up to take out Kath
Yes I have 3 ships behind Kath but I shoot first, Turr can barrel roll out of arc, Soontir is castled up which really only leaves the Shuttle for Kath to shoot at.  Having here primary weapon reduced by 1 didn't help her.  End result the Shuttle dies but so does Kath
A few turns later and the Kiraz fighters and Interceptors are dog fighting one Kiraz has a single hull left, the more dangerous one is down to 2 Hull points and I'm still largely undamaged.  But at this point luck shifts and Soontir gets one-shot killed - the Kiraz pilot is the one that doubles its range bonuses so 5 dice at Range 1, they all hit I roll blanks, I die.  Turr does his best but he starts fluffing and I lose
vs. Kath Scarlet and 2 x TLT Y-Wings

Playing Alan Wong who is such a nice guy I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing and completely stuffed up all of my opening moves with Soontir and Turr
The Shuttles in good position vs. Kath taking down some shields before blocking her in but then I stupidly (still don't know why) put Soontir and Turr into the positions shown in the picture.  End result is next round Soontir has no tokens and gets eaten and Turr has to fly away to avoid the Asteroid.  After that its over pretty quick
vs. HWK & Cavill with TLT + 2 Y-Wings with the Autoblaster Title combo
It took me till Game 4 but I finally started playing properly. This was a highly enjoyable game not just because I won but because of the dog fighting and arc dodging that dominated the last 30 minutes or so.
Once again I used the Shuttle to get in the way and soak up damage while Turr/Soontir rushed around the outside - this time I opted to fly them in hit once then fly out again.  The HWK went down quick when the Shuttle and Turr blasted it.  And I managed to take shields off one of the Y-Wings as well.
Expecting me to arc in the Y-Wings position to trap inside multiple arcs but I've opted to move away to come back in on more favourable terms.  The Shuttle is stuck on an Asteroid and is now DOOMED!!!  After this Turr and Soontir rush back in and but then disaster as Turr gets one-shot killed with multiple Auto-blaster hits..
End game its an undamaged Soontir Fel up against 3 Y-Wings 2 at full health and 1 down 2 shields.  What followed was 20+ minutes of dog fighting and arc dodging fun as Soontir took down one Y-Wing after another.  End Result 3 very dead Y-Wings the last killed just as time ran out on the end and Soontir still with 2 Hull points left.  The last Y-Wing went down when Soontir got into his rear at Range 1 fully focused up...
So as stated another fun event.  The Nationals in Auckland this year seem like they will attract a very large field 50+ players, I did hear a lot of grumblings about its organisation though.  Given the age of the X-Wing tournament scene in NZ though any lapses here are perhaps understandable.  FOW/WHFB have been running events for a long time so have gotten an extremely good system going.  

Cerberus as usual were fantastic hosts. I picked up some spot prize bling (ship card sleeves with the Emperor on the back - very cool) and spent some dosh to grab a HWK.  Will most certainly be heading back down for whatever events Cerberus runs in the future.

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Great write up as usual look forward to seeing you at the next event