October 31, 2015

Finished - Forgeworld Gal Vorbak

Finished these guys off this morning before heading out to play cricket.  Turned out well in the end despite some early hiccups.  Photos taken from phone so light balance isn't that great.

Pictures are all pretty big so if you click on them they should expand out
The finished unit - although I still have a couple of grass tufts to add to the bases



#3 - my favourite of the 5 

As a bit of size comparison this is one of the Gal Vorbak #3 next to a Forgeworld Space Marine in MkIII Legion Armour, and a standard GW Chaos Terminator Lord.  FW have played on the mutation aspect of the Gal Vorbak and writing of Aaron Dembski-Bowden who provided some extremely vivid descriptions of how Argel Tal and the others changed from standard Astartes into the Gal Vorbak.

FW Gal Vorbak vs. FW MkIV 
 As another great comparison point all of the Gal Vorbak have MkIV pattern armour which has been expanded, broken and mutated by the change process.  Its interesting to see how this compares to the un-mutated MkIV pattern armour of the standard Marine.

While I was painting the Gal Vorbak I also got my 2 Obilterators finished as well just need to complete the basing and they're all done.  The mutated areas on these guys has been done differently as its skin rather than bone. 


Peter Dunn said...

Very nice indeed John

LegioCustodes said...

I really like these!! Very menacing!!