October 6, 2015

Warhammer is dead long live the King(s of War)

Following Pete Dunn's announcement on Fields of Blood that the New Zealand WHFB Team Championships would be shifting to Kings of War and a later date next year I placed an order yesterday for this...

Now I have to admit that I was reasonably OK with shelving my remaining Fantasy collections and concentrating solely on X-Wing over the next few years.  The key reason being at least with X-Wing I know I am going to get regular games.  The WHFB communities shift to either 8th Ed, 9th Ed or KoW meant that it is relatively fractured not something you want to see here in NZ where the gaming community is already quite small; smaller still if you look solely at the regular tournament players.

I had looked at KoW but before now it hadn't really interested me.  Playing 8th would be fun but if your one of only a handful of people doing it why bother.  9th Ed for me comes with all the attached red-tape baggage that is ETC and honestly it doesn't interest me as its not an official company supported rule system.  Hence the only thing that will keep it going is community and player support - if no one plays it, it will die off.  Locally thats my one big problem there are simply not enough active regular gamers around.  The situation is only going to get worse over the next 12 months as a couple of my regular X-Wing opponents disappear for work/personal reasons.

KoW is something a lot of people have been shifting to and it is played at my local club by a couple of people.  But I resisted buying the rules as Age of Sigmar pretty much killed my enthusiasm for anything other than X-Wing.  Now with NZTC shifting to KoW and Pete Dunn seemingly backing the system I more than happy to give KoW a go... after all the rulebook is only $25, I spend more than that each week on coffee.

However, I don't see myself playing that much over the next 6-12 months anyway for a couple of reasons (1) Cricket season has started so no gaming for me really until the end of March and (2) as stated my regular playing partners are leaving town... still the book will be a nice bit of reading.


The Kiwi said...

It really is a great game. The unit basing open ups so many modeling options and it can also save the budget with less figures needed as they each figure is not a wound token.
Get into it!

John Fletcher said...

your in the same situation as me no one just down the road to war game with. the closest players for x-wing or Flames of war for me is 30-40mins away. do you still play flames of war?

John Murrie said...

I honestly haven't played FOW since Call to Arms in 2013 principally because no one locally is playing it regularly

Jonah said...

I think you'll find the KoW speedy game play makes it much more accessible for a quick evening's gaming than WFB ever has been. Good luck with it.