October 20, 2015

WIP Forgeworld Gal Vorbak:

I've been looking forward to building and painting these guys ever since FW revealed the figures.  The Gal Vorbak are central to the Word Bearers and their leader Argel Tal is by far the best character within the Horus Heresy series.  Talos of the Night Lords and Kharn from the World Eaters (two more of Aaron Dembski Bowden's creations) are the others.  It's taken me a while to find the time to start them but I began the process the other night.

Unlike the majority of FW kits that I've put together before (MkII Assault & MkIII/IV Tactical Marines) these guys were far easier to construct in terms of the number of pieces.  The MkII Assault Marines for example were a nightmare.  Each of the 5 Gal Vorbak came with

  • A single torso piece including legs and power pack.
  • Two separate arms
  • A Head
  • A exhaust vent for the power pack
So 5 pieces for each figure all relatively easy to assemble and put together.  However, my continuing issues with FW resin and superglue meant I had to resort to pinning to get the arms on.  Not a big deal as the end result is always a stronger model.

Pack contents
To help with construction each figure has a letter identifier on its base (A-E) and this is matched with the corresponding sprue with the arms and head etc.

Pinning - one in each shoulder for the arms and one in at least one foot to attach them to the base
 The bases you see in the pics aren't the final look as I redid them last night to make them more visually appealing and to give me a stronger surface to adhere the leg pins to.
Detailing on these guys is just awesome

Should get them completely assembled and on their bases tonight then its time to base coat and start the painting process.  So more soon

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