December 27, 2015

Betrayal at Calth - Word Bearers Terminators

Finished the Terminators from Betrayal of Calth.  Painted up as Word Bearers as I don't have any CSM versions yet and have always wanted some. Only issue is the lack of power weapons as they are standard CSM gear but the options are still pretty good.

 Also completed the Dark Apostle still not sold on the bigger bases for the smaller models. On characters I guess its OK but for the standard marines I'll be redoing them onto the standard smaller size.

Of the marines in the rest of the box I'll probably do at least 25 as Word Bearers which will give me 40 Inc FW versions in MkIII and MkIV armour.  I won't be putting the left shoulder pads on as I want to order and use the FW versions not the transfers which IMO don't look as good 

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