November 25, 2016

Harlequins vs. Iron Hands @ 1750

Had my 3rd ever game with my Harlequins last night up against Caban's Iron Hands complete with his FW Scarian Tank (which is just awesome btw).  He took something a little different to his usual list maxing out his tactical squads taking 4 units of 10 which he split into 8 x 5 man combat squads each with a Laser Cannon.  Up against him I took pretty much every painted model I had in the form of the Ceogarachs Revenge formation which has 2 particularly useful rules (1) all models re-rolls invulnerable saves of 1 and (2) all models with Fleet can run and charge from Turn 2 onward.

Ceogarachs Revenge
3 x Shadowseer - all L2, 2 with Phantamancy, 1 with Telepathy
3 x Death Jester
3 x Troupes in Skyweavers - Master w. Caress, 2 x Embrace & 2 x Kiss
2 x 4 Skyweavers - 2 Haywire & 2 Shuriken + Zephyrglaives

Overall. it was good game in the end he had his Scarian and a Rhino left on the table while I was down to my Solitaire, the Voidweaver, one Troupe and a few Skyweavers.  The Solitaire is just brutal in close combat he just zipped back and forth across the board vaporising whatever he touched - a unit of Bikes, then 4 different Tactical Squads all on his own.  Didn't realise that he can also glance down vehicles as well with his Caress.  One telling turn was No.4 where pretty much all of Caban's remaining shooting went into him and his 3++ with re-roll ones just bounced them all off.   

November 23, 2016

Harlequin Star/Voidweaver x4 complete

Finally got all 4 of them finished...

New 40k FAQ's - Summoned Bloodthirsters are Ok now?

New official FAQ's for the 40k 7th Ed rulebook were released yesterday.  There are a number of key changes throughout, most of which have no affect at all on the armies I play.  There were some that stood out though:

"If a FMC is conjured or otherwise summoned during the course of the game, as soon as it enters play, you must declare whether it is in Swooping or Gliding mode."

This is a big deal - being forced to bring summoned BT on in swooping mode effectively made them useless.  Now its worthwhile saving up those Blood Tithe points - in most games I getting to the magical 8 number by Turn 3 and occasionally Turn 2.  So summon one in Turn 2 or 3, stick them in glide mode and they can charge the very next turn.... nice!!

"Some witchfires do not have a profile where this is the case no to hit roll is required the attack hits automatically."

I'm reading this as saying that unless the power specifically says the Witchfire is focused, beam etc then it does not require a to Hit Roll.  So none of the Harlequin Phantasmancy witchfire powers therefore need a to hit roll as none as classed as specific type of witchfire.

"Do weapon special rules that say a model equipped with this weapon or this weapons bearer take effect even when not used as the attacking weapon?  YES"

Great news for Harlequin Solitaires as it means the Kiss and Caress combo now works as it should do e.g. all 6's to hit are automatic wounds at AP2 and you get 1 attack that is also S6 AP2 with a to wound roll of 6 meaning instant death.  FAQ also means fun things for CSM armies were certain weapons can bonuses the more wounds you do e.g. Goredrinker but now you don't have to specifically utilise that weapon to get them.

"Passengers shooting from Fast Skimmers that move more than 6" are firing snap shots"

Thank you - couldn't figure this one out.

"If a hit and run roll would take me off the table do I stop at the table edge?  YES"


"Does move through cover allow units to strike at their normal initiative?  NO"
"Are beasts and cavalry reduced to Initiative 1 when charging through difficult terrain?  YES"

Thank you - the Gorepack and Flesh Hounds in general just go nerfed slightly.

"The vertical firing arc for flyers... assume that weapons can swivel 90 degrees vertically 45 degrees up and 45 degrees down."

This raises a question - if a model is outside that 45 degree arc e.g. directly underneath a flyer does this mean the flyer cannot hit it as being directly underneath it = a 90 degree vertical arc?

"Yes flyers wings and tails are considered part of the hull in all respects."

So if I my opponent rolls a 6 to charge me and the wing of my BT is 6 away but the base is 9 he still makes the charge.

"If you a unit contains multiple Psykers can they cast the same power e.g. Psychic Shriek multiple times once for each Psyker"


I think there needs to be some clarification around the Psychic phase for 40k and it should operate like magic did in 8th Ed WHFB.  You declare which mage is casting a spell, finish him and then move onto the next mage using dice from the pool at each turn.  If the mage fails to cast a spell then he's done and you move on.  None of this bouncing back and forth between mages.

"Psykers embarked in Transports or buildings CAN only cast witchfire powers."

The transport one I picked up on last week, but the building one is new.  So no more hiding Psykers and spamming stuff.  That also means that flying Psykers cant land on buildings and then start casting stuff except witchfire either.  Makes it even more important that people specify which exact Psyker is attempting to utilise the Warp each phase e.g. Now I'm using the Blue guy, now the blue guy has finished the Red guy is going to...

"If there are no models left in close combat with a Super heavy walker or a GC at the I1 step can it still make a stomp attack?  NO"

Ah ha suck it Imperial Knight yes you killed all my stuff but now you can't stomp all my other stuff thats close by.

"Can I attempt invulnerable saves or use the Eternal Warrior special rule against Stomp attacks that cause a model to be removed as a casualty?  NO

Ummm not quite sure about this one?  I thought you could always take an Invulnerable Save and the point of Eternal Warrior is that it stopped you from being stomped to death?

"Can FNP be taken when a rule says no save may be taken?  YES"


"Do FNP stack?  NO."


November 19, 2016

So this didn't end well...

Had another game with my Harlequins this week up against a 4 Hive Tyrant Tyranid list... didn't go that well although I did have some fun with the Phantasmacy Lore.  Also learnt - after reading the rules post game - that Harlequin Transports are Assault vehicles which will change how I do things in future.

Final act of the game was my Shadowseer going solo....

November 18, 2016

Painting Harlequin patterns

Having a lot of fun painting my Harlequins including the checkerboard pattern on the vehicles and various infantry models.  I watched the GW tutorials with the ever effective Duncan and his "just thin your paint and twist to a point" technique but found that while interesting these methods didn't suit my approach.  That approach is very simple - base coat, wash, retouch the base coat, one highlight and done.  Only in very rare cases do I use multiple highlight colours my Dwarven WHFB army perhaps the last time I did it across an entire collection.
The finished product
To get to the finished product my chosen colour scheme was all in honesty down to what colours I happened to have available that were reasonably bright.  To create the checkerboard painting I used the following steps.

Step 1 - Basecoat & Lines
The basecoat is Armypainter Deep Blue.  Only a very thin coat is applied just enough to give me a surface to draw the lines for the pattern onto.

November 12, 2016

What's on your painting table?

No painting since I finished Eldrad Ulthran a few days ago as I've hit a bit of wall painting wise. Instead I've been assembling my remaining Harlequin Troupes & vehicles and on sorting out what I have left on my painting to do list... turns out there's quite a bit.
  • 2 Void/Starweavers (assembled and undercoated)
  • 6 Skyweavers (2 undercoated, 2 needing touch ups and 2 nearly complete)
  • 24 Harlequin Players
  • The Chaos forces from the Dark Vengeance set
  • 3 random SM Heroes - Librarian, Captain & a Priest?
  • Chaos Rhino
  • Deathwatch Marines & Dreadnought from Deathmasque (probably never do these)
  • 10+ random Roman Legionnaires
  • Harlequin Shadowseer (old metal version)
Put these together and undercoated them two nights ago
3 random SM Heroes & the Chaos Lord from Dark Vengeance

Harlequin Skyweavers - 2 on left just need touch ups
Deathmasque Deathwatch
Dark Vengeance Cultists, Hellbrute & Possessed - got these for free off a mate, cheers Reagan 
Started this in July or August?
Assembled all of these tonight - took a while to sort out the weapon options
Random Warlord Games Romans - had these for about 18 months?

Sooner I get all of these done the sooner I can start gaming with my Harlequins - missed out this week due to family commitments but should get games in soon. Going to be a busy couple of months

November 10, 2016

Eldrad Ulthran completed

Another model for my Harlequin collection done and dusted this time Eldrad Ulthran from the Death Masque set.  Painted him up so I can use him as a Shadowseer or as Eldrad if I ever opted to use the formation from that set.

November 7, 2016

Harlequin Solitaire, Death Jester & 2nd Starweaver complete

More Harlequin fun as I slowly work my way through my collection of unassembled and unpainted models.  Latest models to be completed a Solitaire, 3rd Death Jester and 2nd Star/Voidweaver.  Apologies for my rubbish photo taking skills...

November 6, 2016

Daemonkin @ Warpstorm Day 1 in pictures

Day 1 of Warpstorm and I had 3 interesting match ups against Jakes Dark Angels, Aidan's Tyrannids and Caban's Iron Hands.  Three very different lists and opponents and 3 very enjoyable games.  The first two match-ups weren't ideal as Jake's list was fielding an Imperial Knight which I lacked the weapons to kill.  Aidan's Tyrannids had the usual number of flyers 4 in total which I would need a lot to hit let alone kill as KD & CSM lack any form of Skyfire.

Pictures are all very large so click on them to see better quality

Game 1 vs. Dark Angels (Jake Easton)
Result: 3-17 loss
I mucked this game up from the start focusing on killing stuff rather than going for the objectives - the game was quite close but I gave up too many points and by the time I switched tactics I was too far behind to catch up.  Jake out played me and by the end pretty much everything on the table was dead expect for his Knight and a couple of isolated Bloodletters.
Playing Length wise I had first turn so rushed as you'd expect - unfortunately I forgot about Jakes Melta squad in the Drop Pod and didn't leave anyone behind to counter it.

November 4, 2016

Harlequin Voidweaver complete + lots of WIP

Good week of painting this week focusing on my Harlequins collection which has grown considerably in the last month. Latest completed unit a Voidweaver

Also currently in the WIP stages are another Voidweaver 2 more Skyweavers a Solitaire and a Death Jester... also have a stack load of stuff to build 2 more Voidweavers 2 Skyweavers and 30 odd Players 

November 1, 2016

More Harlequins on the painting table

Harlequin collection is starting to build up quite quickly now.  Probably have enough on hand or on its way to field 2000pts or more...

Aiming to get 1500pts worth ready for a tournament in January

October 31, 2016

Holy Shit a Top 10 finish at a 40k event & Army Parade Pics

Great weekend of 40k gaming at Hagen's Warpstrom 40k event in Wellington.  28 competitiors (which is very good for New Zealand) playing 5 rounds in total - players pack is here for those who are interested.  In the end I did far better than I expected securing 3 wins and 2 losses neither of which were particularly bad.  The end result a 9th place finish which was surprising as hell to be honest.  I'll post some battle reports soon but for now here's the results table and the army parade pics (not complete as not everyone put their stuff out).

My games and results over the weekend were
  • 4-16 loss vs. Jake Easton's Dark Angels (inc. a Knight)
  • 7-13 loss vs. Aidan Corlett's Tyranids
  • 13-7 win vs. Caban Wilde-Murrows Iron Hands (inc. a Scarian)
  • 16-4 win vs. Jordan Green Black Legion 
  • 15-5 win vs. Nigel Ritchie Ultramarines
I went in with a CAD taking 9 objective secured units (including the 3 Rhinos) aiming to win by taking objectives.  The first game I shot myself in the foot by focusing on killing stuff but I finally got my act together after that.  5 good games, all very enjoyable against some very different armies. Smashing Ultramarines was definitely as nice way to finish.

Warpstrom Army Parade Pics 
My Khorne Daemonkin (less 1 Skull Cannon which I didn't paint)

October 27, 2016

40k Chaos Maulerfiend complete

Finished this guy just in time for a tournament this weekend where I'll get to use him... would still like to fix up the blood effects by getting some Tamiya Clear Red but it's not a biggie.

October 18, 2016

WIP - CSM/KD Maulerfiend

Taking one of these to Warpstorm at the end of the month - have one painted already that I acquired off a local gamer who sold off his entire KD collection (picked up 6 Bloodcrushers, 2 Skull Cannons, 6 Bikes & a Maulerfiend cheap as).  Still while I don't need two painted I can at least get this guy ready and take my own model down - I have repainted the one I acquired but still you want to take stuff you completely did on your own.

I've seen some great modifications done on this model where the legs are changed to give more dynamic poses.  Sadly that's beyond my capabilities at the moment.  However, I can at least add a couple of extras to it hence the Khorne banner and the Space Marine getting munched.

Once the PVA is dry and the cork is set the base will get my usual layer of Polyfilla and the standard dark grey washed colour scheme I use on all my Chaos stuff.  

October 16, 2016

More Harlequins Completed: Skyweavers, Shadowseer & Troupe

Collection moving along nicely now with painting completed on my 3rd Harlequin Troupe, 2nd Death Jester and Shadowseer.  Still 2 Troupes on their way to me but unfortunately I missed out on a 3rd cheap Death Jester and 6th Troupe after a late bidder nabbed the auctions out from under me.  Voidweaver paint stripped and re-undercoated as well so painting on that is the next thing on the list.

2nd unit of Skyweavers - patterns don't look as crisp on these for some reason... 

All 4 Skyweavers together - broke the glaive on one unfortunately..

October 15, 2016

Harlequin's 1st game & WIP Shadowseer

First small game with my Harlequins the other night only 1000pts up against a pile of Necrons.  Enjoyable game and I got to see how the army could work when its used properly.  Once I figure out the basics of how to utilise the various unit and weapon rules to maximise their effectiveness they'll be fun to play.  Brittle yes but then so are Daemons and CSM the whole being able to run and assault was good but I really need more Skyweavers - bit blobs of 4-6 would work quite well I think.  The Zephyrglaive is definitely the way to go with them as well as is mix n matching the various special infantry weapons.

Highlight of the evening was getting hold of my Codex which Simon had received that morning from his GW contact in the UK... its gorgeous...
Harlequin Troups dance their way toward the Necron masses
The Voidweaver gets slammed online but its shooting was quite helpful

The game basically centered around this combat with my entire force save for my Elites charging in
Had a productive couple of days with the paint brush as well making good progress finishing off my 3rd Harlequin Troupe, 2nd unit of Skyweavers and the Shadowseer.   Also have the Voidweaver soaking in Dettol so I can strip it and repaint it, and a 2nd Death Jester underway.

Opted to match the checkerboard pattern on the weavers on my Seer - pattern on legs isn''t quite right
Fun model to paint once you figure out what you want to do with it
Trying to decide whether to do checkerboards on the Miststave... its just so small
Also on the way are 3 more Harlequin Troupes and a 3rd Death Jester courtesy of Trade Me, and a Solitaire from GW in the UK (cheers Simon).  Going to have to order some different coloured flower tufts off the Kapiti Hobby Corner just to distinguish between units.