January 9, 2016

Betrayal at Calth - FINISHED :)

Finished the last of the models from Betrayal at Calth this morning - well finished except for the Forgeworld Word Bearers shoulder pads which arrive next week, a host of purity/oath scrolls and some grass tufts - but finished pretty much in terms of all of the painting.

In the end when combined with my existing Forgeworld MkIII/IV Tactical Marines I have enough now for 4 squads of 10 each with a Champion, Flamer, Melta and 7 Marines.  The Marines in 3 squads are armed with Bolters while those in the 4th have Bolt Pistols and Chainswords.  The remaining figures give me 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Heavy Bolters and another Bolt Pistol/Chainsword combo guy to mix things up a bit.
All in all the set was a fantastic piece of kit very easy to put together, the range of options were just outstanding and they were an absolute joy to paint.  Although my painting efforts were hampered by my brushes which are getting rather worse for wear.  In a great stroke of luck my pot of Mephiston Red lasted just long enough to finish off the last squad.

The arrival of some legs from BitzBox next week should also allow me to build 3 more marines as the BoC set has enough torsos and arms to make 33 figures which was a nice bonus.

8 x CSM with Bolt Pistols and Chainswords.  The pistols are a mix of GW and FW pistols left over from other kits as are the majority of the swords as you only get 3 extras in the BoC set
The Heavy Weapons guys - built them so I would have 4 Flamers & 4 Meltas across my collection and just 2 each of the H/Bolter and Missile Launchers.  The parts for the 3rd M/Launcher are going to a friend
3 Aspiring Champions - I give all my Champs horns so they stand out.  Bits from the UK will help me give them more character. Two have combi-flamers the 3rd a Bolt-Pistol which I might swap out.
Vexilla or Standard Bearers - only have 3 of these guys now waiting on 1 bit - decal on the guy on the right works really well
8 x CSM with Bolters
The Terminators inc. the special character - thought about painting him in Ultramarine colours but I just couldn't do it, as it just felt SO wrong.  His head looks like crap though so might chop it off and replace it with something else
The Dreadnought - really really like this model might try and find another one
The final piece of the puzzle the Dark Apostle complete now with Decals will try to get more on him if I can
 So in the end a project I thought would take me quite a long time has, thanks to a few weeks off work, been completed rather quickly (FW & Bits still to come).  Looking forward to getting these guys on the table starting with a friendly 1000pt league that starts up in a couple of weeks.

Also strongly thinking about getting another box set and maybe painting up a different legion namely the World Eaters who are the only other legion whose fluff and back story appeals to me.  Bigger priority though are some CSM vehicles.


RED SCORPS said...

Well done John, that's a great effort. I really like the freehand on the marines and the slight repose of the Contemptor.

John Murrie said...

Cheers appreciate that. The contemptor pose was pretty easy. Just cut the torso off the legs and turned it slightly