January 2, 2016

Betrayal at Calth - Word Bearers Tactical Squad

Getting a lot of painting done over the Xmas/New Year break and my Betrayal at Calth set is nearly complete.  Latest (nearly) finished models are 15 Word Bearers Tactical Marines. I'm painting the entire box set as Word Bearers because why not.

Tactical Marines are 95% done as I'm yet to order the Forgeworld Word Bearers shoulder pads for them. I don't like the decals that came with the set that much and getting the shoulder pads keeps things consistent with the rest of my collection.  Final touches after the shoulder pads will be a host of Purity Seals, Skulls and body parts which should turn up in a fortnight or so, and some Army Painter winter tufts on the bases.

With some extra bits I managed to give a few of them Bolt Pistols & Chainswords.  With the 15 FW MkIII/IV CSM I already have these 30 will give me 45 models all up which is enough for 2-3 decent sized squads with options.

Painting process was pretty simple for all of them.

  • Army painter Black spray undercoat
  • GW Mephiston Red base coat - armour
  • GW Boltgun Metal base coat - weapons, straps, backpacks etc.
  • GW Fenris Grey base coat - weapons
  • GW Drakenhoff Nightshade Wash - entire model
  • GW Mephiston Red highlights on armour 
  • GW Mithril Silver highlights - face mask edges
  • Vallejo Blue - Eye pieces 

Left - Black undercoat / Middle - Mephiston Red base coat / Right - First wash

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