January 14, 2016

Betrayal at Calth - Word Bearers finishing touches

All of my Forgeworld Word Bearers shoulder pads and a small package of bits arrived from the UK today allowing me to start making the finishing touches to my Betrayal at Calth boxed set.  All of the principle painting and basing is done.  All that's left now is for the Oath Scrolls, Purity Seals and Shoulder pads to get some treatment and we are good to go.

30+ Forgeworld shoulder pads all glued on and ready for painting - look a hell of a lot better than transfers IMO
Close up of the detailing on the shoulder pads showing the raised features

Part of my bits order were 3 sets of legs which has also allowed me to construct using pieces from Betrayal at Calth 3 extra marines.  So important note for everyone who has a set don't throw your bits out and find 3 spare sets of legs somewhere as there are actually 33 Tactical Marines in the set not 30.

The 3 extra marines you can build from the set all you need are 3 bases and 3 sets of legs.
 Lacking anything else to paint I also grabbed an old very badly painted Rhino and went a bit nuts with a marker pin trying to write extracts from 'The Book of Lorgar' all over it.  You can buy white ink pens as well so I'll grab one of those and add some highlighting.

Also added some extra bits and pieces to make it look scary :)
Budgets a bit tight now so no more purchases for a little while - have a fence and vege garden to build first - but I'm looking at a Bloodthirsty and possibly some Bikers.  However, some Airfix model specials on Mighty Ape also got me thinking and some 1:72 scale WW2 models could be the go instead.

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