January 5, 2016

Retailer Review: Bitzbox (UK)

I have to admit I'm not that smart a gamer in that I tend to chuck out the bits I don't use from any kits I put together and then months later when I get a new kit regret not having the bits lying around to modify the new stuff. GW kits are fantastic for the range of options and extra bits they have in them but there are some that are quite hard to get enough of.  For my Word Bearers its Oath Scrolls, Skulls and Purity Seals all stuff I like to use to trick them out (see picture below).

After raiding mates bitz collections short of making your own the only recourse if you want bits is to order them from somewhere.  Over the years I've used several sources for this but the one that I've used the most and had the best experience with has been the UK retailer Bitzbox.  So far I've placed 4 separate orders with them over the last 12 months the most recent being last week.

The Online Store A+
Very easy to navigate.  The menu options are clear and the search function works well.  Every item comes with a very clear picture and description of what it is allowing you to see what your getting. Most importantly however, and something that many online retailers still don't do, Bitzbox shows you how many of each item it has in stock.  They also have the option of hiding items that are out of stock which makes searching for stuff and completing an order extremely easy.  

Other things to like - contact info is clearly displayed, information on payment options and postage are easy to find and clearly explained.

Products available B+
The store has pretty much everything you would like covering Age of Suckmar, Wh40k and Forgeworld although the amount of FW stuff is limited (I really wanted some MkIII helmets but they didn't have any).  You can also get the odd transfer set.  As expected the site is full of individual items from the Betrayal at Calth box set so either they brought some and cannibalised them or have recieved a whole bunch of bits from other people.  As expected some options are more readily available than others and the rarer they are the more expensive they get.  Prices range from a few pence to 1-2 pounds depending on rarity e.g. a purity seal can cost as little as 5p while a set of Space Marine legs can be £1.50  

Ordering A
Very easy to use as it follows the standard online format.  You can register and set up an account in a simple clean process that will allow you to track orders and get email notifications of bits you are looking for.  Ordering is a multi-stage process allowing you to go back recheck and modify your orders and the result is a simple email notification process.  

Payment Options A
Standard options are available Direct Debit, Credit Card or Paypal.  Paypal remains my preferred method for international retailers.

Delivery A
I placed the order on New Years Day.  The site had a clear message that they were on holiday and all orders would be dispatched once they returned.  January 5th (in NZ) and I get an email saying the order has been dispatched.  Like most international orders it will take 7-14 days but from previous experience 10-12 is about the norm.  

Overall a big thumbs up, and for reference my order this time was:

2 x 
Vampire Counts Corpse Cart Hanging Head B

1 x 
Vampire Counts Corpse Cart Hanging Head A

5 x 
Space Marine Command Squad Hanging Parchment

8 x 
Space Marine Sternguard Veterans Purity Seal

20 x 
Grey Knights Terminator Purity Seal

7 x 
Space Marine Assault Squad Purity Seal A

1 x 
Grey Knight Strike Squad Purity Seal

3 x 
Blood Angels Death Company Purity Seal A

1 x 
Horus Heresy MKIV Tactical Squad Legs F

2 x 
Horus Heresy MKIV Tactical Squad Legs A

2 x 
Ork Boyz Zombie Head Accessory

1 x 
Vampire Counts Corpse Cart Dead Skeleton

1 x 
Space Marine Command Squad Back Banner A

Not as many skulls as I would have liked but the purity seals will be enough to cover all of my BoC marines.  I got the 3 sets of legs because one there are enough parts in the BoC set to make 3 more marines if you can get the legs for them. Hopefully also turning up around the same time will be 40 of these guys - MkIV Word Bearers shoulder pads from Forgeworld.

Finally thanks to the site Tale of Painters whose blog colour scheme I have shamelessly copied 

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