February 5, 2016

Khorne Daemonkin get first run & its not pretty

Well that didn't go to well. In my 3rd ever game of WH40k 7th I took my infantry based Khorne Daemonkin (as I only really have infantry) up against an Iron Hands Bike Spam list and got railed.  My opponent had around 20 bikes on the table as well as these 3 big rocket launcher barrage things that simply vaporised half my units before they got anywhere.  My Chaos Lord got into combat once and got munched and it doesn't really matter how many attacks Khorne guys have if your opponents are T5 and your S4 and they have Chapter wide IS then its pretty hard to kill them.

Maybe I should run my Word Bearers as Space Marines and see what extra buffs I can get with them that way?  Anyway I managed to kill a few guys but it was difficult especially after both Rhinos exploded in Turn 1 & 2 and 75% of the Raptors got barraged off in Turn 1.  Definitely need that Blood-Thirster.

List for next week still @ 1000pts going to go with something a little different just for the hell of it.

Terminator Lord
w. MoK, Axe of Blind Fury, Gift of Mutation, Melta Bombs, Sigil of Corruption

15 x Cultists
15 x Cultists

5 x Terminators
w. 2 x Chainfists, 1 x Lightning Claw, 1 x Heavy Flamer/Power Fist, MoN

5 x Possessed
w. MoN

5 x Havocs
w. 2 x Heavy Bolter, 2 x Missile Launcher

2 x Obilterators
w. MoN

Hopefully Mark of Nurgle keeps people alive longer.  Thought about MoN on Lord and giving him Black Mace but as my model is built with an Axe it didn't seem right as its not WYSIWYG


David Greig said...

Games like this are the reason my infantry based pre heresy world eaters army lives in a display case now.

John Murrie said...

I get why people use it T5 and high mobility but it seems strange that actual Astartes on foot the staple of the Lore are sidelined in most lists. I won't be getting any bikes personally as I think they're a bit naff - gaint armoured warriors on motorcycles just doesn't ring true - FW Jet Bikes yes, wheeled bikes no.

Enjoyed the game though.