February 11, 2016

Vanilla Chaos Space Marines @ 1000pts

2nd round of my local stores 40k Summer League tonight.  After last weeks pantsing at the hands of a bike swarm I thought I'd try something a little different tonight and give some of my other new BoC models a run.

Terminator Lord
w. Mark of Nurgle, The Black Mace, Combi-bolter, Sigil of Corruption, Gift of Mutation

The gift thing is kind of pot luck but I really like it as it can add some fun stuff plus its fluffy.  I'd usually run MoK and the Axe of Blind Fury but the Black Mace seems pretty awesome.  Fleshbane means it always wounds on a 2+ in close combat and while AP4 isn't as good as the Axe's AP2 the bonus of making people taking T test's is just nasty.  You also still get the Daemon weapon bonus of extra attacks.

15 x Cultists
15 x Cultists

Time to sacrifice yourself for the true gods of the pantheon.  Go forth and die in the name of Lorgar

14 x Word Bearers
w. Melta x2, Champion with Power Sword, Melta Bombs

Sit back shoot and watch the Cultists die as they should do.

2 x Obilterators
w. Mark of Nurgle

T5 and the ability to use multiple types of heavy weapon makes these guys pretty funky.  Plus if I like I can deep strike them.

5 x Terminators
w. Mark of Nurgle, Combi-Bolter/Chainfist x2, Combi-Bolter/Lightning Claw, Heavy Flamer/Power Fist & Champion w. Combi-Bolter/Power Weapon & Gift of Mutation, unit has Icon of Vengeance

Taking them as modelled hence the extra points on the melee weapons.  Icon makes them Fearless which is cool especially when joined by L10 Lord and who doesn't like T5 Terminators even though game wise they are no where near as nasty as they are in the books.

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