February 15, 2016

X-Wing Squad lists: the 3 Amigos ride again

First X-Wing games of 2016 for me tomorrow night.  Taking my usual Soontir Fel 3 Amigos led list and the new T70 just to see how it runs.

Soontir Fel - PTL, Stealth
Turr Phennir - Stealth, VI
Whisper - VI, Advanced Cloaking, Intelligence Agent

Turr Phennir I am starting to like more than Soontir as he is awesome at getting out of people's way.  Three PS9 ships is going to be fun and as I have 2 Phantoms now its time I started using them. 

Poe Damon - BB8, Push the Limit
Corran Horn - Fire Control System, Expose, R2D2
Airen Cracken

BB8 gives you the free barrel roll action which combined with PTL makes Poe extremely agile. Corran Horn I like and if I can get him into position then Expose will really hurt someone best case scenario would be a Range 1 attack where I get 5 attack dice (3 + 1 for Expose + 1 for Range) twice. Airen Cracken is just there to fill up the remaining points although being able to give a friendly a free action is useful e.g. Corran uses Target Lock, Airen fires first then gives Corran a focus...

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