March 29, 2016

WIP #1 - Chaos Space Marine Display Board

Seeing as I'm heading to my first 40k tournament in June I decided I would build a display board for my Chaos Space Marines the same way as I've built them for my Fantasy armies.  Process exactly the same starting with a basic A3 size cork notice board ($5 from the right places) covered in Polyfilla, painted and then embellished with other stuff.
My $5 cork notice board - slightly bigger than A3 in reality.  You do need to put masking tape on the back to make it stronger

March 28, 2016

Khorne Daemonkin Bloodhost Tournament List??

My local summer league heads into another a new month and what should be a points increase each night to 1500 which is great as it gives me a chance to test out some tournament lists.  After the melee inspired fun against Liam's Blood Angels last week I'm thinking seriously about running a Bloodhost for Maelstrom in June.  The ability to generate a free Blood Tithe point each turn combined with the Slaughtercults ability to get a free Tithe bonus make it extremely nasty if things go your way.  Also beginning to appreciate the mobility of the Gorepack and while a horde of CSM Obliterators could be fun its very reliant on being able to shoot things on table tops covered in terrain and therefore a ton of cover saves.  Its also very static.  Plus I like getting stuck into combat and a Khorne list is very simple which suits my play style and lack of tactical ability.

Couple of ideas going through my head based on (a) what models I currently own and (b) an amazing magical boost my budget that allows me to get a Blood Thirster and some other stuff.  What I've come up with so far and what I'll probably run this Thursday night is...

Khorne Daemonkin Blood Host
Slaughtercult (Primary/Core Detachment)
Terminator Lord w. Sigil of Corruption, Axe of Khorne, Combi-Melta, Collar of Khorne
8 x Cultists
8 x Cultists
8 x Chaos Space Marines w. Rhino, CCW instead of Bolters, Melta
8 x Chaos Space Marines w. Rhino, CCW instead of Bolters, Melta
5 x Possessed

Gorepack Detachment
3 x Bikers w. Melta, Melta
3 x Bikers w. Melta, Melta
5 x Flesh Hounds
5 x Flesh Hounds

Hellbrute Detachment
Hellbrute w. Multi-melta, Powerfist, Heavy Flamer

Possessed and Terminator Lord jump into the Landraider and everyone munches on up.  Use the Hounds as walking cover saves for the vehicles till they're in range.  I think under the event rules this list works as it counts as 4 formations but I'll check with Hagen to make sure.

Still can't figure out why given they are a combat army that Khorne vehicles can't take Dirge Casters

Alternatively I could boost my Obliterators and take the following...

Chaos Space Marine Obliterator List
Chaos Lord
w. Bike, Gift of Mutation, Sigil of Corruption, Black Mace, VoLW, Slaneesh
10 x Cultists
10 x Cultists
10 x Cultists
9 x CSM
w. CCW no bolters, Melta, Rhino, Dirge Caster
9 x CSM
w. CCW no bolters, Melta, Rhino, Dirge Caster
5 x Bikers
w. Melta, Melta, Combi-Melta, Melta Bombs, VoLW, Icon Vengeance, Slaneesh
3 x Obilterators
w. MoN
3 x Obliterators
w. MoN
2 x Obliterators
w. MoN

Mark of Slaneesh gives the Lord I6 and the Bikers I5 which could prove what useful.  Did think of including a Land Raider but 2 more Obliterators are cheaper plus they get an Invulnerable Save which Land Raiders don't.

March 26, 2016

Chaos Space Marine Bikers complete

Finally finished these guys off.  Worked up one of the Champions with a few extra bits so I could use him as a Lord on a bike.  Painting and photos aren't especially flash but I'm reasonably happy with the final outcome, the Lord is easily the best of the 6.

Next on the painting table are my 10 Flesh Hounds and 3 CSM carrying Plasma Guns.  After that it really depends on the budget but if I can swing it a Bloodthirster or Lord on a Juggarnaut will be getting added to the collection.  Hopefully my 6 new Obliterators turn up soon as well..

March 25, 2016

Daemonkin Bloodhost vs. Blood Angels & Iron Hands

Another night of Summer League gaming and this time I read the codex properly and figured out how to use the Blood Host Formation, I also read the Flesh Hounds stats line properly and released they had 2 wounds each which makes all the difference.  Somewhat ridiculous that they're more survivable than Terminators for less points.

Khorne Daemonkin Blood Host
Slaughtercult - Primary Detachment
Lord w. Plasma Pistol, SoC, Goredrinker, Blood forged armour
8 x Cultists
8 x Cultists
9 x CSM w. Rhino, CCW instead of Bolters, Melta
8 x CSM w. Melta
5 x Chosen w. Rhino

3 x Bikes w. Melta, Melta
3 x Bikes w. Melta, Melta
5 x Flesh-hounds
5 x Flesh-hounds

The Bloodhost has one seriously cool rule that grants you a free Blood Tithe point every turn. Combine that with the Slaughtercults ability to get a free Blood Tithe bonus when you spend them and can do some crazy stuff.  If I had a Bloodthirster model I would seriously consider adding it to this list and running it at Maelstrom instead of vanilla CSM.

Anyway two games tonight first vs. Blood Angels the 2nd against an Iron Hands Dreadnought list

March 23, 2016

First go at a CSM tournament list

With more Obliterators arriving from the UK I've been working on how best to use them in my first 40k event in June.  At 1500pts and with my limited collection I'm somewhat restricted but I've come up with the following list, which luckily I'll be able to try out at my local Summer League in April when its points limit moves to 1500.

Vanilla CSM Combined Arms Detachment
Chaos Lord
w. Bike, Gift of Mutation, Mark of Nurgle, Sigil of Corruption, Black Mace, VoLW
Chaos Sorceror
w. Level 3, Mark of Tzeentch, Gift of Mutation, Plasma Pistol, Sigil of Corruption, Spell Familiar
10 x Cultists
10 x Cultists
8 x CSM
w. Melta, Combi-Flamer, Bolters swapped for CCW, Rhino, Dirge Caster
8 x CSM
w. Melta, Combi-Flamer, Bolters swapped for CCW, Rhino, Dirge Caster
5 x Chaos Bikers
w. Mark of Nurgle, Melta x 2, Icon of Vengeance, VoLW
3 x Obliterators
w. Mark of Nurgle
3 x Obliterators
w. Mark of Nurgle

Two units of Obliterators should give me a fair bit of heavy firepower, CSM Squads will just rush up try and get into combat and kill something before they die.  Bikers are intended as the main killing unit with Mark of Nurgle making them T6 which should help them stay alive a little longer.  Just not sure which of the two characters to make the Warlord.  Sorceror has a 3++ which will keep him alive and plan is to keep him hanging around at the back, but the guy on the bike is T6 but is more likely to be in combat.

Khorne Daemonkin Blood Host for tomorrow nights Summer League games...

March 21, 2016

WIP #2 - Chaos Bikers

These guys are starting to take shape now.  Bit of a delay while I purchased some new brushes but they should all be done in a few days.  Going to try and source some of the decal sets from Betrayal at Calth of Ebay so I can kit them out some more.  Paint scheme and basing follows same pattern I used for all of my Marines - Mephiston Red base, Drakenhoff Nightshade wash, Mephiston Red highlights and finished.
One of the right is pretty much done, others in various stages
Early stages showing (very) rough base coats and washes

Still disappointed that the kits didn't come with more options to allow you to individualise the figures especially the Champions.  Need to get another kit and some bits so I can put together a Chaos Lord on a Bike.  Next project after these are 3 Plasma Gun CSM and the 6 Obliterators that should be in from the UK in a week or so.

March 18, 2016

Taking the plunge: first 40k tournament

Despite getting my ass kicked with my CSM lately I've opted to take the plunge and attend my first 40k tournament Maelstrom IX in Wellington this June.  Tournaments aren't new to me I've been to 30+ in the last few years across WHFB, FOW and X-Wing and found they're a great way to learn a game system, pick up tips on how best to play your army and the game in general and a fantastic source of inspiration for painting and modelling.  Its been a while since I've attended one though the last I believe was Call to Arms back in August last year but this one looks interesting.

1500pts with some fairly heavy restrictions in place (well I assume they are I wouldn't have a clue really) run over 2 days.  Luckily I just managed to pick up a lot of 6 OOP metal Obliterators off Ebay for the same price as 3 new finecast ones which will go a long way to helping me build a competitive list.  The tournament restrictions are:

Armies must:
·         Consist of 1500 points or less
·         Be Battle-forged (no Unbound armies)
·         Be sourced from a single parent Codex (e.g. Space Marines: Salamanders Chapter Tactics; Imperial Knights)

No allies of any sort are allowed apart from the following exceptions:
·         Adepta Sororitas and Inquisition and/or Officio Assassinorium
·         Grey Knights and Inquisition
·         Astra Militarum and Militarum Tempestus
·         Militarum Tempestus and Inquisition
·         Craftworld Eldar and Harlequins
·         Dark Eldar and Harlequins
·         Tyranids and Genestealer Cult
·         Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii
·         Space Marines (any Chapter Tactics) and Kill Team Cassius

Armies may only be constructed utilising any of the following options:

1 Combined Arms Detachment
0-4 unique Codex Detachments or Formations presented in a Dataslate* (for any army that does nothave Codex Detachment or Formation options, e.g. Adepta Sororitas this includes taking a CAD + allied detachment/formations)

0-1 Lord of War/Gargantuan Creature (and only if listed in the army’s parent Codex, e.g. Logan Grimnar, Ork Stompas, Tau Stormsurge etc**. The exception to this is Codex: Imperial Knights – there is no restriction to LoW from this Codex, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to take them!.

* Each specific Codex Detachment and Dataslate Formation is considered unique (0-1) and may not be duplicated. Remember you can only source from a single parent Codex with the above exceptions.
 For example, if you took a Space Marine Gladius Strike force consisting of a Demi-Company, Librarius Conclave, and a 10th Company Task Force, this would count as 4x Unique Codex Detachments or Formations (i.e. 1 Detachment and 3 Formations).

** So no allied Imperial Knights… even if compulsory in a Formation

Armies may not include:
·         Allies of any sort that are not outlined above
·         Fortifications
·         Apocalypse/Planetstrike/CityFight/Escalation/Spearhead/Stronghold Assault/etc. supplements (excluding Codex updates/Formation options from Warzone supplements).Note that you are allowed to use the Lords of War Warlord traits from Warhammer 40,000: Escalation
·         Apocalypse Formations
·         Forge World army lists/formations/detachments
·         Forge World units (it is completely appropriate to use FW models as proxies for core rules models, as long as they are not too divergent)
·         Material or army lists from the Horus Heresy books (using HH models in your 40k army is acceptable, as long as they are not used as proxies for something else)
·         No Rules or Army Lists marked as ‘Trial’ or ‘Optional’

March 17, 2016

Hard to win with Chaos Space Marines the Dwarfs of 40k

I like the models, I think the fluff is amazing but for immortal bad guys who have been carving their way through Space Marines, Tau, Eldar and everything else for the last 10,000 years damn if Chao Space Marines don't just suck on the table top.

Had two games tonight running my Ahriman, Gorepack, Hellcult list the first against a Tau list that quite literally shot me to bits and wiped my entire army out by Turn 2-3.  A single cultist managed to get half way across the table but everyone else pretty much died where they deployed.  The 2nd game started better when I remembered the Flesh Hounds scout move and they shot across the table assaulted a couple of Eldar vehicles and blew them up - seriously the Gorepack formation is pretty cool.  After that though more shooting just ripped all of my stuff to bits.  Tau/Eldar pretty much everything hit & wounded on 2's or 3's and that's without including all of the D weapons and AP2 stuff that negated all of my armour saves.

I've read everything online that says CSM are just not competitive vs. all of the new 7ed books but its not until you play some games with them that you realise how bad it is.  You can if your lucky eek a points win if you draw the right objective cards as I managed in one game, but relying on luck isn't what I want to be doing.

Still enjoying the game and watching how good players use the synergy in other lists like Tau/Imperial Guard lists to their advantage but it would be nice if CSM in the game were as good as CSM in the books...

...time to extend the budget and get some more Obliterators

March 7, 2016

WIP #1 - Chaos Bikers

These guys and my Chaos Warhounds arrived today. Won't get to use them this week due to other commitments but that does give me more time to paint. Bit disappointed by the Biker kits as they lacked the wide range of options and spares you get with other GW kits. Without access to a bits collection your stuck with 3 bland bikers per box.  However they are still good models

March 5, 2016

Chaos Space Marines @ 1250 - Formation Fun!!!

Budget was looking healthy this week so I did a bad thing and treated myself to enough new models to build a Khorne Daemonkin Gorepack - a box of Space Marine Bikes, one of Chaos Bikes and a box of WHFB WoC Warhounds to substitute as Flesh Hounds.  Courier package already on its way courtesy of Mighty Ape so should get them in time to build them (possibly paint) and field them at next weeks Summer League where I am going to try something new.

Primary Detachment
Chaos Space Marines - 610 points

Ahriman - Warlord
10 x Chaos Space Marines - Melta, Missile Launcher, Champion w. Power Sword & Combi Flamer
10 x Chaos Space Marines - Melta, Missile Launcher, Champion w. Power Sword & Combi Flamer
I know I could take Thousand Sons as Troops but I get more bodies with normal CSM.  Never used Psychic powers before so this could be a lot of fun. 

Formation Detachment
Khorne Daemonkin Gorepack - 388 points

3 x Chaos Bikes - 2 x Melta, Champion w. Power Sword
3 x Chaos Bikes - 2 x Melta, Champion w. Power Sword
10 x Flesh Hounds

Seriously cool formation this one.  All units get Ignores Cover or Terrain including the Bikes.  Fleshhounds get Hammer of Wrath and Bikes get Shred on their Hammer of Wrath attacks.  Combine that with Mark of Khorne and thats a fair bit of beat down.

Rules Question - Does the Gorepack still generate Blood Tithe Points?

Dataslate Formation 
HellCult - 251 pts

Hellbrute - Multi Melta, Power Fist with Heavy Flamer
14 x Cultists
15 x Cultists

I know that Hellbrutes are pretty sucky but I have one from the BoC set and want to use it as it looks cool.  This formation is actually quite cool though.  Hellbrute has Rage and gives Cultists Fearless until it dies when they get Zealot instead (which is largely the same thing to me).  Cultists also provide a walking 3+ Cover Save for the Hellbrute which keeps it alive longer.

Total Points - 1249

On another note going to have to apologise to my first opponent last week as I played the Boon turn into a Daemon Prince thing wrong.  Reading the rules my Lord loses all of his Weapons and Wargear and becomes a vanilla Daemon Prince with plain old Power Armour.  Would have still kept his Mark of Khorne though...

March 4, 2016

Summer League: CSM vs. Librarius Conclave

Finally got back to my local summer league last night.  A new month means a different points limit 1250 this time.  Having nearly finished the Land Raider I decided to take it along and go with a rushing combat orientated list

March 3, 2016

WIP #3 - Chaos Land Raider nearly done

Finishing touches going on layering and washing of main colour finished, spikey bits and skulls done just a few little bits to tidy up.  Little bit of dry brushed weathering added as well