March 17, 2016

Hard to win with Chaos Space Marines the Dwarfs of 40k

I like the models, I think the fluff is amazing but for immortal bad guys who have been carving their way through Space Marines, Tau, Eldar and everything else for the last 10,000 years damn if Chao Space Marines don't just suck on the table top.

Had two games tonight running my Ahriman, Gorepack, Hellcult list the first against a Tau list that quite literally shot me to bits and wiped my entire army out by Turn 2-3.  A single cultist managed to get half way across the table but everyone else pretty much died where they deployed.  The 2nd game started better when I remembered the Flesh Hounds scout move and they shot across the table assaulted a couple of Eldar vehicles and blew them up - seriously the Gorepack formation is pretty cool.  After that though more shooting just ripped all of my stuff to bits.  Tau/Eldar pretty much everything hit & wounded on 2's or 3's and that's without including all of the D weapons and AP2 stuff that negated all of my armour saves.

I've read everything online that says CSM are just not competitive vs. all of the new 7ed books but its not until you play some games with them that you realise how bad it is.  You can if your lucky eek a points win if you draw the right objective cards as I managed in one game, but relying on luck isn't what I want to be doing.

Still enjoying the game and watching how good players use the synergy in other lists like Tau/Imperial Guard lists to their advantage but it would be nice if CSM in the game were as good as CSM in the books...

...time to extend the budget and get some more Obliterators

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