March 4, 2016

Summer League: CSM vs. Librarius Conclave

Finally got back to my local summer league last night.  A new month means a different points limit 1250 this time.  Having nearly finished the Land Raider I decided to take it along and go with a rushing combat orientated list

Terminator Lord
w. MoK, Axe of Blind Fury, Sigil of Corruption, Gift of Mutation

4 x Terminators
w. MoK, Land Raider, Dirge Caster

10 x CSM
w. Flamer x2, Melta Bombs, Power Sword, Combi-Flamer, MoK, CCW, Rhino, Dirge Caster

10 x CSM
w. Flamer x2, Melta Bombs, Power Sword, Combi-Flamer, MoK, CCW, Rhino, Dirge Caster

15 x Cultists

2 x Obliterators

Cultists and Obliterators hang back and hold any local objectives everyone else rushes forward and gets stuck into combat.  MoK on Lord means he's susceptible to instant death but I'm not sold on the Black Mace yet although as it turns out it would have been very useful in my 2nd game.

Game 1 vs. Librarius Conclave & Command Squad
Up against another one of the stores long-time experienced players who had Librarius conclave where everyone was a Psyker and is whole army consisted on a single unit on Bikes except for 2 dudes in Terminator armour.  He had a minimum of 12 dice per turn with his 11 levels and an invisibility power that meant 6's to hit making him near impossible to kill.  Extremely nice guy to play against though he altered his list as he knew I was new to the game removing some elements that would have made things extremely difficult for me which was very nice of him.  Mysterious objectives this time just for fun except that 3 of them were the ones that blow up a on a 1... quick question How many objectives do you put down per game 3, 4, 5, 6?  Does table size matter?

That's a lot of Bikes
Cultists take one objective on the right, Obilterators take another in the middle while the Tanks position to flank around from the left.
Things didn't start well when one Rhino was immobilized and the Cultists got destroyed by a bike detachment.  But my shooting was surprisingly effective particularly the Obliterator Assault Cannons as my opponent's dice decided they didn't like him very much for a couple of turns.  

The big confrontation...
 Flamers are just awesome and I had 3 of them in each CSM unit.  My opponent had split his forces and forgotten to buff up the large group of bikes that had moved to my left.  I moved up debused and proceeded to flame and shoot the crap out of him before the Terminators charged in.... or so I thought...
 Flamers and CSM Bolt-Pistols did a surprising amount of damage and 4 Bikes including a number of key characters are killed but then with one Biker Librarian left alive my Terminators roll double 1's for their charge distance failing...
The Bikes run away regroup and starting buffing themselves with Psychic powers
 I give chase but another failed charge (I rolled 3 this time when I needed 5) by the Terminators leaves me wide open and some nasty Psychic power stuff wipes out an entire CSM squad and takes off a Terminator.  However, a turn later I finally get into combat largely as my opponent charged me...
Challenge time...
Finally my Lord is in combat and he proceeds to lay down 9 attacks in the first round (3 base + 5 for weapon + 1 for counter attack) killing his opponent.  I roll on the Chaos Boon table and hey presto he turns into a Daemon Prince... quick rule question - I know when this happens the Daemon Prince keeps all of the Lords weapons and equipment but am I correct in that everything else changes e.g. WS, T, A, L/S etc...  but he only has 1 wound left
The clusterf@#! begins
 Not wanting to miss out everyone else piles in as well and we proceed to play out several more rounds of nasty beat stick combat.  End result my Lord dies, all of his guys die and I finally get my first win 3:2 on objectives after a very enjoyable

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