March 18, 2016

Taking the plunge: first 40k tournament

Despite getting my ass kicked with my CSM lately I've opted to take the plunge and attend my first 40k tournament Maelstrom IX in Wellington this June.  Tournaments aren't new to me I've been to 30+ in the last few years across WHFB, FOW and X-Wing and found they're a great way to learn a game system, pick up tips on how best to play your army and the game in general and a fantastic source of inspiration for painting and modelling.  Its been a while since I've attended one though the last I believe was Call to Arms back in August last year but this one looks interesting.

1500pts with some fairly heavy restrictions in place (well I assume they are I wouldn't have a clue really) run over 2 days.  Luckily I just managed to pick up a lot of 6 OOP metal Obliterators off Ebay for the same price as 3 new finecast ones which will go a long way to helping me build a competitive list.  The tournament restrictions are:

Armies must:
·         Consist of 1500 points or less
·         Be Battle-forged (no Unbound armies)
·         Be sourced from a single parent Codex (e.g. Space Marines: Salamanders Chapter Tactics; Imperial Knights)

No allies of any sort are allowed apart from the following exceptions:
·         Adepta Sororitas and Inquisition and/or Officio Assassinorium
·         Grey Knights and Inquisition
·         Astra Militarum and Militarum Tempestus
·         Militarum Tempestus and Inquisition
·         Craftworld Eldar and Harlequins
·         Dark Eldar and Harlequins
·         Tyranids and Genestealer Cult
·         Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii
·         Space Marines (any Chapter Tactics) and Kill Team Cassius

Armies may only be constructed utilising any of the following options:

1 Combined Arms Detachment
0-4 unique Codex Detachments or Formations presented in a Dataslate* (for any army that does nothave Codex Detachment or Formation options, e.g. Adepta Sororitas this includes taking a CAD + allied detachment/formations)

0-1 Lord of War/Gargantuan Creature (and only if listed in the army’s parent Codex, e.g. Logan Grimnar, Ork Stompas, Tau Stormsurge etc**. The exception to this is Codex: Imperial Knights – there is no restriction to LoW from this Codex, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to take them!.

* Each specific Codex Detachment and Dataslate Formation is considered unique (0-1) and may not be duplicated. Remember you can only source from a single parent Codex with the above exceptions.
 For example, if you took a Space Marine Gladius Strike force consisting of a Demi-Company, Librarius Conclave, and a 10th Company Task Force, this would count as 4x Unique Codex Detachments or Formations (i.e. 1 Detachment and 3 Formations).

** So no allied Imperial Knights… even if compulsory in a Formation

Armies may not include:
·         Allies of any sort that are not outlined above
·         Fortifications
·         Apocalypse/Planetstrike/CityFight/Escalation/Spearhead/Stronghold Assault/etc. supplements (excluding Codex updates/Formation options from Warzone supplements).Note that you are allowed to use the Lords of War Warlord traits from Warhammer 40,000: Escalation
·         Apocalypse Formations
·         Forge World army lists/formations/detachments
·         Forge World units (it is completely appropriate to use FW models as proxies for core rules models, as long as they are not too divergent)
·         Material or army lists from the Horus Heresy books (using HH models in your 40k army is acceptable, as long as they are not used as proxies for something else)
·         No Rules or Army Lists marked as ‘Trial’ or ‘Optional’

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Ryan said...

Welcome to the tourney. Look forward to seeing you there. The restrictions are more than usual for 40k but I think the current edition is too crazy to leave open.