March 29, 2016

WIP #1 - Chaos Space Marine Display Board

Seeing as I'm heading to my first 40k tournament in June I decided I would build a display board for my Chaos Space Marines the same way as I've built them for my Fantasy armies.  Process exactly the same starting with a basic A3 size cork notice board ($5 from the right places) covered in Polyfilla, painted and then embellished with other stuff.
My $5 cork notice board - slightly bigger than A3 in reality.  You do need to put masking tape on the back to make it stronger
Beginnings of the polyfilla application - scrapping it on gives the terrain the required texture without any extra effort
Paint scheme will be the same I use on the bases of my CSM collection but I've yet to decide on how to flash up the board itself.  Maybe the Chaos star in the middle with the emblems of all 4 Chaos Gods around the outside?  Ideally I'd like to cover it in flayed corpses and skulls to give it that nice homely Chaos feel.  Luckily I still have some polystyrene I can use as buildings or high terrain, and my usual paper mache process for solidifying everything will come out as well.

[Not much progress yet just a quick WIP so stay tuned]

Final result should give me something that looks worthwhile like the display boards I built for my Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs, Ogres & High Elves.
My Dwarves and the hold of Karak Thorinkin
Ogres of the Mountain Claws
High Elves - now all sold off except for the Phoenix and Dragon, the board itself is now in the garbage
Stayed tuned shouldn't take me more than a couple of weeks depending on how much free time I get

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