March 21, 2016

WIP #2 - Chaos Bikers

These guys are starting to take shape now.  Bit of a delay while I purchased some new brushes but they should all be done in a few days.  Going to try and source some of the decal sets from Betrayal at Calth of Ebay so I can kit them out some more.  Paint scheme and basing follows same pattern I used for all of my Marines - Mephiston Red base, Drakenhoff Nightshade wash, Mephiston Red highlights and finished.
One of the right is pretty much done, others in various stages
Early stages showing (very) rough base coats and washes

Still disappointed that the kits didn't come with more options to allow you to individualise the figures especially the Champions.  Need to get another kit and some bits so I can put together a Chaos Lord on a Bike.  Next project after these are 3 Plasma Gun CSM and the 6 Obliterators that should be in from the UK in a week or so.

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Sam Whitt said...

Look good John. We should get a game in sometime when I get more guys!