April 26, 2016

Age of Sigmar getting points now?!

It appears that GW has "listened" to the public and decided to modify Age of Suckmar for competitive play by returning to a points based system.

Nice idea but it's 12 months too late for me and the local community which was gutted by the death of 8th Ed WHFB. Points are nice but it's not going to get me playing the game, it won't restore the local tournament scene and it won't reunite a Fantasy community that has fractured into several camps only one of which (KoW) in my opinion has the critical mass to be nationally sustainable.

Those camps btw are (1) AoS players (2) 8th Ed players (3) 9th Ed (4) KoW and (5) guys like me who've quit fantasy altogether.  Good luck getting them back together especially guys like me after spending a year sucking all of the enthusiasm and enjoyment I once had for the game out of me.

Now if they adjusted their pricing then I'd believe they were listening to people


extremedoc1 said...

Agree John much the same in my neck of the woods

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Brilliantly said John. I was about to pen something similar. I went from a fanboy to total desolation within 3 months. Rebased 2 of my armies for KoW, and well... bleh. Sucked all of the enjoyment out of it is an understatement. Playing Saga in my mancave now, don't even go down to the local club anymore. Flicker of interest in Bolt Action, but have not invested. IMHO the fantasy gaming scene in NZ is fractured beyond repair by the demise of WHFB. The underhandedness of the End Times and roll-out of AoS killed what was a hobby of decades for me. My 17 yo son who was a keen Ogre and Lizardmen player has not touched wargaming (other than the occasional Saga Dark Ages game) since the roll-out of AoS.

John Murrie said...

I would agree that the End Times was definitely under handed. The planning for AoS must have been going on for some time (you would hope) and in line with the later elements of 8th and the End Times books & models. The molding and manufacturing process of the various plastics alone would have taken 12 months+ so THEY KNEW that WHFB as we knew it was going to be killed off.

Its a pity as I thought the End Times books were quite good and I've enjoyed reading them. But your also right in that the community is gone beyond repair. I sold my High Elves before AoS dropped so got lucky there but have Ogre & Dwarf armies sitting on the shelf gathering dust except when my kids muck around with them.

That fracture is what will kill it because without opponents, regular opponents, no-one is going to stick with any game system. The tournament scene also helped generate interest by giving people ideas, contact with guys outside their area and by helping keep that enthusiasm going.

Luckily there is a solid group of guys playing 40k here in Palmy which means I'm getting regular games of that in, and there are still a few X-Wing players around. But the only Fantasy being played is D&D. Locally our club has been on the decline for several years I've gone from attending every week to just twice the last 6 months.

Sad really as 8th was a great game

The Kiwi said...

It's Kings of War or....nothing really in my neck of the woods.

Thordar Greybeard said...

9th age is the way to go. Fully community driven and more balanced than 8th ever was. Fully community based and not for profit with free downloadable rules and ABs.