April 9, 2016

Chaos Flesh Hounds & Obliterators completed + extras

Finally finished these units yesterday (well finished minus some grass tufts which haven't arrived yet) which means I officially have no units left to paint just a few minor odds and ends (3 Plasma Marines & 15+ Roman Legionnaires).  Army starting to take shape for Maelstrom in June - Juggarnaut Lord should arrive by then but I won't be getting anything more till Christmas.  Ordered some Vallejo Still Water to help create lava stuff for my Display Board.  If it works well I'll start redoing some of my unit bases as well especially the big stuff.  Finishing touches on the other models included decals on my Bikes hence more pics of them and I felt taking a new on of my Contemptor as well as the models cool.
WHFB Chaos War Hounds work well as KD Flesh Hounds especially at NZ$55 for a box of 10 vs. NZ$95 for five standard Flesh Hound models - really need another 10 at some stage

Mix of 3 metal and 3 Failcast versions - had to stick extra blades and guns on most of them as being 2nd hand they were missing a few bits.  Overall, they turned out Ok

New pic of the Bikers showing the decals on the shoulders
Purely by accident this model's pose can be changed, the front wheel also turns.  Makes him a good Lord model - lift him up when he's a Lord, drop him down when he's a normal Chaos Champion.

All 6 Bikes mix of 3 Chaos & 3 Space Marine - not sure which I prefer, SM ones were easier to paint by CSM ones have slightly more character to them.  Probably need one more model to really tool up as a Lord choice

And finally just because...

Not the greatest units in the game but I like the model and I'll be taking one to Maelstrom just because
So all in all its been a very busy 4-5 months painting wise.  After Age of Suckmar killed off WHFB I didn't think I'd be doing any form of gaming outside of X-Wing so its been great to get back into things.  Tally of models painted the last few months is a lot larger than I realisedtoo  including the entire Betrayal Calth box set, several vehicles, a lot of Cultists and a couple of dozen Forgeworld Space Marines.  Been good to be able to use them on the table as well and I'm finding that 40k is a lot of fun to play, not missing WHFB at all really...


Wryth said...

Damn you can get those models painted quickly!

The Hounds look very good mate.

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