April 8, 2016

CSM vs. White Scars Dbl Demi-Company @ 1500pts

Seriously some armies get really cool stuff.  Hoping that any new CSM codex gives us some variation of the Chapter Tactics & Formations that Space Marines get - Legion Tactics for Word Bearers along the lines of Forgeworld would be grand.
Deployment and opening scout moves - I've massed most of my stuff on the left with Cultists and Obliterators hanging back to hold objectives.  His stuff is mainly toward my centre and right flank
Only one game last night due to small turnout and people having to leave.  Up against Simon and a White Scars (I think) list full of a lot of tricks. Opted to try out a vanilla CSM list as I had finished painting my Obliterators and wanted to use them.

Chaos Space Marines CAD
Lord w. Bike, MoN, Black Mace, Sigil of Corruption, Combi-Melta, Gift of Mutation
8 x CSM w. CCW, Bolt Pistols, Power Sword, Rhino, Dirge Caster
8 x CSM w. CCW, Bolt Pistols, Power Sword, Rhino, Dirge Caster
10 x Cultists
10 x Cultists
5 x Bikes w. MoN, Melta, Melta
3 x Obliterators
3 x Obliterators

Simon had a load of Razorbacks, 4+ units of scouting Bikes, drop pods, heavy weapons teams and other nasty stuff with Grav guns everywhere.  Getting Turn 1 he had most of his army up in my face after scouting and even more dropping behind me.  Turn 2 the rest came on and it was not looking good.  Oh and his list had the ability to booby trap buildings and terrain making them dangerous terrain for all of my guys - but not his.... joy!!
Forgeworld turrets on GW vehicles look exceptionally cool although they were carrying Heavy Bolters not the Laser Cannons depicted.
Meanwhile in one of the nights other games these 4 bad boys turned up
4 Knights = 1500pts apparently
Lucky for me Simons shooting turned out to be horribly ineffective during the first turn and with so many of his units running in close to mine I had a lot of targets to choose from.  One unit of Obliterators had a lot of fun with its heavy flamers and first blood went to me.

Looks good so far - until the Grav Gun squads dismount and half the Cultists die from moving through dangerous terrain - serves them right for fleeing though 
Raptors are cool but 1/3 of them got munched when this drop pod with Grav gun guys in it landed next to them and blew them away followed by the Razorbacks behind them.  
Seeing their CSM masters get chopped up filled the Cultists with indignant rage and they charged through the dangerous terrain to assault them killed 4 but the last one hung on...
I had 2 Objective 6 TO cards so we all went that way plus it was a good place to hide from all of his shooting until that was 2 drop pods landed next to us and 2 units of Bikes scouted on to the rear.
Always helps to remember whats in your list - forgot that my CSM Champions had Power Swords and more importantly that each Rhino had a Dirge Caster meaning no overwatching with 6"...
Obliterators hanging - against overwhelming firepower
Biker squad duel T6 for the Nurgle guys kept them alive but...
 Time for a challenge - my Lord vs. his as we both had the Slay the Warlord TO it was obviously meant to be.  Problem is the Black Mace has unwieldy so you go last and Simons guy had a weapon that caused instant death on a "6".  Guess what he rolled... thats right a "6"... guess what I rolled on my 4++ invulnerable save.. thats right a "3"... joy.... stupid unwieldy
HA HA Grav Guns fail to hit anything and get chopped up by CSM - Dogs on the left are SM Bikes they get munched too.
 While I was killing stuff Simon had an army with 15+ Objective Secured units in it vs. my 6 and by Turn 3 had secured all of the objectives wracking up 18 points in the process to my 4.  The game was pretty much as there was no way I could catch up not when 1/2 his army wasn't even engaged, and in fact didn't need to be and I was fast running out of bodies.
Last throw of the dice...
In the end it was an enjoyable game but all I could think about the whole way through was "imagine how many Blood Tithe points I would have right now" and "Unwieldy GRRR"... Khorne next week...


Hagen said...

Hi John, in my Chaos CSM Codex the Black Mace is not unwieldy. It has Melee, Cursed, Daemon Weapon, Fleshbane

John Murrie said...

Ahhhh how did I read that wrong?? It's the Axe of Blind Fury that's unwieldy thanks Hagen