April 15, 2016

Daemonkin Blood Host vs. Orcs @ 1500pts

Two more games of my local summer league again last night and once again the Khorne Daemonkin Bloodhost found itself facing off against hordes of Orcs.   Two very different games the first against an infantry horde army full of shooting, the 2nd against a very mobile tough force consisting predominantly of Jet Bikes and Bikes.  Nothing exciting about the Blood Host this week - people complain about Possessed but I actually quite like them.  Gave all the Rhinos Havoc Launchers just because...

Blood Host
Slaughter Cult - Core Detachment
w. Plasma Pistol, Blood Forged Armour, Sigil of Corruption, Power Weapon
9 x Cultists
9 x Cultists
10 x CSM
w. CCW, Melta, Melta, Rhino, Havoc Launcher
10 x CSM
w. CCW, Melta, Melta, Rhino, Havoc Launcher
5 x Possessed
w. Rhino, Havoc Launcher

3 x Bikes
w. Melta, Melta
3 x Bikes
w. Melta, Melta
5 x Hounds
5 x Hounds

War Machine
1 x Hellbrute
w. Powerfist, Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta

Absolutely loving the Blood Host - getting that free Tithe point every turn combined with the Slaughtercult's free tithe bonus makes them extremely effective.  My goal each round was basically to give myself at least 4 points so I could give the whole army Apocalytpic Fury for +1 A and the army wide Feel No Pain.  If I had the models I'd spam Blood Crushers and Blood Thirsters but honestly +1A on MoK 2 hand weapon Cultists is just nuts, helps when Possessed role a 5 or 6 for their ability as well.

Game 1
Lets call this one the "Holy Shit that's a lot of dice" game because honestly most turns we were both throwing 30-40+ in every combat, and it was just nuts.  
Holy crap those are some big blobs - two Orc characters also gave the whole army FNP and Fearless which made things interesting
The game began with Orc rocket fire blowing up a couple of Rhinos forcing my infantry to walk up, but both sides wanted to get into combat.  The Hounds were making some in roads though and doing a good job getting in the way.  But those hordes were too big for any one of my units to tackle alone.
On the left both units of Flesh Hounds & one of Bikes moved up to block the Orc boss the Hounds sacrificing themselves to allow the Marines behind them and the Cultists to get into position
As you can imagine this combat didn't go too well for the Flesh Hounds, although it did take 2 rounds for the Orcs to chop through them.
Meanwhile on the right the real action was starting.  A big Orc horde smashes into a small squad of CSM who somehow hang on thanks to the Tithe FNP bonus - the Champion even wins a challenge which helped too... 
Things were about to get hairy though as another horde of Orcs charged in and the Bikes which were going to kill the Tank decided to join the CSM in the melee fest in the middle
Not many guys left now so the Dogs just get in the way and the Bikes set up to delay the Orc horde while the Cultists, CSM and Hellbrute advanced into charge range
The CSM are all dead but the Possessed, Lord and Bikes have joined the melee fest - FNP & Apocalyptic Fury on army combined with +1A & +1I for the Possessed gave them each 5 attacks on the charge at S6 thanks to the Icon of Wrath... pure gold
Beat down time now on the left - I'm losing models and units fast but the Tithe points are slowing that process down 
Ah ha take that!!!
Finally combat is joined on the left - a disordered charge hits both units at the same time.  The CSM do nothing and the Cultists show them how its done - nearly every round they did twice as many wounds as the Marines.
Hellbrute time - the Cultists are still alive and I've chopped down 1/2 the Orcs but damn its a big horde....
Things aren't going so well here - the Bikes are dead, so are the Cultists who charged in and put down a ton of attacks - 2 each base +1 for A/Fury +2 for Mark of Khorne = 45 for the unit... In the end my Lord would be the only one left standing
At least I won this combat killing all the orcs the Cultists here and the Hellbrute doing most of the damage...  
Another really enjoyable game against what is a very fun army to play against - If I had the money spare they would be my next army as other than Word Bearers they're the only other force in the game that appeals to me.  Seriously though the amount of dice thrown in this match was just insane I think one round my opponent had 58 attacks going in from his Orc Horde while I had another 80 from my Cultists & Possessed....  still its an objective based game and I just couldn't get any points so while I killed a lot of stuff and had a few units left alive my opponent won 9-0 in the end.

Game 2 photos up later....

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