April 29, 2016

KD Blood Host - Holy Crap D Bloodthirsters are fun!!!

Last two games of our local summer league last night up against a Grey Knight Psyker we hate Daemons list and a "Look everyone has a melta and massive flamers" Salamanders list.  For both games I was using the Blood Host I'm planning on taking to Maelstrom which included my recently assembled Bloodthirster of Insenate Rage.  Details are a little hazy due to lack of sleep recently so I'll just post pictures to tell the story.  Either way both games were complete blood baths, and boy oh boy are D Weapon Bloodthirsters fun in combat....
He hit me first with Force if I failed I died - I hit him 2nd with D if he failed he'd die... ummmm
As you can probably tell from the Blood Thirster I've started the painting process.  Base coats and initial washes have been done and the basing is largely complete as well. Just layers and highlighting left should be done in a couple of days.
Game 1 vs. Grey Knights
Basically the game went like this

  • You don't have many guys so I'm rushing everything at you
  • Oh so the rest of them are deep striking...
  • And the others get to Teleport how far?
  • Um that's a lot of Psychic Dice
  • You're doing what to my Invulnerable Save now?
  • Your shooting attacks all have Force oh crap!
  • OK I'll just take my Bloodthirster off the table then.
  • OH look I have 8 Blood Tithe points so I'm putting him back on
  • Cultists for the win... die puny Grey Knight Terminator Scum
  • Hit and Run lets you do what?
  • Oh look more Psychic Dice and another dead Bloothirster.
  • But wait I have another 8 Blood Tithe points so... I'm bringing back.
  • Pew Pew go the Cultists ahhhh we died go the Grey Knights
  • Whizz pop bang goes the Havoc Launcher bang goes a Grey Knight Warlord
  • Bloodthirster no.3 goes GRRRRRRR Grey Knight War Machine thing goes AHHHHHHH
  • Game over....
It looked quite promising at the start
Opening turn where the original BT scouts on up with the Flesh Hounds - not really a good idea as it turns out
One game - 3 Bloodthirsters on the table the Insenate Rage for 2 turns till he died, then a summoned one of Unfettered Fury for 2 more turns till he died and then a 2nd summoned BT of Unfettered Fury for the remaining turns.  Massive points win to my opponent though 14-2 but that was a hell of a lot of fun.
Grey Knight warlord looks around and wonders where his Terminator Sqaud went... turns out Cultists kill a lot at times
So he Teleported over here before BT no's 2 & 3 came in to finish him off
Game 2 vs. Salmanders
So your flamers are all +1S and you get to re-roll wounds and you have Inferno Bolt things that wound on 2's you say?  Well I have a Blood Thirster with a D Weapon whose just vaporised your entire 8 man squad in one round of combat... and then another one... and another one. Oh you killed him... look here's a 2nd Bloodthirster he doesn't have a D Weapon but he's got AP2 shooting and 8 AP2 S7 attacks on the charge and just for fun I'll give him Apocalyptic Fury for one more attack.  Cultists die, Rhinos go pop, Chao Bikes can splat but Blood Thirsters go nuts and the Salamanders just get munched.  
Lets start by going this way... oh you have a LOT of shooting and my TO tell me to go somewhere else so ok I will
First I'm going to kill everyone in this building...
Then I'm going to kill all the guys who moved up from behind the building
Ah ha first guys dead - so here's another one... and he's going to kill all of these blokes
Hey well that Daemon dude is killing stuff lets just stand over here and look menancing
So end result 2 games and 5 separate Blood Thirsters on the table at various times all of whom just destroyed stuff in combat.  Having that model really makes the Blood Tithe table work.

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