April 22, 2016

Khorne Blood Host vs. Tyranids & Iron Hands

Two more games last night.  The first against a difficult to face Tyranid force complete with 4 Hive Tyrants all of which were flying meaning I needed 6's to hit them and my close combat orientated army was largely powerless.  The 2nd was against an Iron Hands force utilising the new updates which included altered Warlord traits, buffs to their FNP saves and changed objectives.  

Game 1 vs. Tyranids
Took me a turn to realize that a combat army orientated for Melee won't last long vs. an army whose key stuff is all swooping.  Havoc Launchers were proving effective though...
One of the 4 Hive Tyrants in my opponents list - most unpleasant particularly as two of them had 16 S6 shots each at AP2
Flesh Hounds did their scout thing but didn't last that long - they can't really get in the way of things that can fly over them though.  
Woohoo I might get into combat... nope shooting and a nasty Psychic phase wipe out the Hounds
My opponents list in this game was just awful to play against and horribly frustrating.  I was being denied Blood Tithe points as I couldn't get anyone into combat.  No challenges were coming because all of his characters were flying monsters that I needed 6's to hit before they even landed on the ground.  And to top it all off his Psychic phase was just as brutal even rolling a 1 on a D6 he still had 12 Dice and just blasted stuff at me all night long.

Basically I got all of my infantry to shoot at one Tyrant trying to ground it - Melta's proved their worth but I kept rolling one's to wound.  Bikes and Hounds went after the Tyranid foot sloggers.
Seriously??? Can't hit them, can't wound them.... at least I'm getting Tithe buffs small ones just FNP enough to survive a bit longer.  Finally manage to ground one of the big beasties but my small squad of 3 CSM (all that was left) failed their charge into it.
 Melee orientated armies don't work against Tyranids and the lack of Psychic defence hurt me as well.  By Turn 4 the shooting was starting to get through the Havoc Launchers doing most of the damage.  But Tyrant template weapons were brewing up the Rhinos and I was fast running out of bodies.

Oh look another large beastie...
Final nail in the coffin was that I kept drawing TO I couldn't possibly complete while my opponent was wracking up the TO points.  His last big beastie came on the board under a large template which he dropped on my units.  If the template killed enough models to make room for him (after scatter) he came up, if not he didn't.  He didn't come up but he still killed a bucket load of CSM along the way.  A fun game but one that was only going to go one way from the outset.

Game 2 vs. Iron Hands
More terrain and an infantry based army albeit one with lots of drop pods containing Dreadnoughts
I quite like this Iron Hands list although the Deep Striking Drop Pod Dreadnoughts are freaking horrible.  I got lucky in the opening turn with the Hellbrute blowing up a Rhino, the Gorepack grabbing a number of TO points and terrain letting most of my infantry get in close.
First Dreadnought comes down and its bye bye Cultists but at least its Tithe points
 This game involved a lot of combat as the Slaughterpack all got stuck in.  My opponent managed to get 8-9 TO points in the first two turns so I was well behind on those right from the get go.  Havoc Launchers and Meltas were doing well though and the Tithe points were building up as his units started to die.  Only problem I was rushing the game and kept forgetting to spend the Tithe points at the start of each turn.

One Rhino down but the CSM get a charge in blowing up another Iron Hands Rhino and then getting into combat with the Squad inside.

In the first game the Hive Tyrants were the major problem here it was the group of Iron Hands bikes with a 2+ FNP making them pretty much impossible to kill.  Dreadnought firepower had taken out all of my Cultists and one CSM squad was done but most of the Host was still alive.
Last throw of the dice
Finally got my Blood Thirster on the table too... well at least the base as I hadn't assembled the model yet summoned him on and off he went doing sweet FA against the unkillable Iron Hands bikes.  I was killing a lot of stuff most of the Iron Hands were dead in fact but I just couldn't get any TO.  My opponents entire army was objective secured whereas none of the units in a Blood Host are....

Finally... I started assembling this guy this afternoon...

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