April 1, 2016

Khorne Bloodhost vs. Orcs and... more Khorne?!?!

Another great night at my local summer league and two more highly enjoyable games.  One of the things I'm really enjoying is the large variety of armies on display at the store so far I've seen everything except Skitarii on the table (although there were some in a box the other week).

Khorne Daemonkin are definitely the army for me as well and the Blood Host is proving to be extremely effective especially as I get more experienced with it.  It has limitations and would without the right tools struggle to kill the big boys like Imperial Knights and Wraith Lords but it suits my play style down to a tee.  My 1250pt list for the evenings match-ups was

Blood Host @ 1250pts
Slaughterhost - Primary Detachment (Core)
Terminator Lord
w. Axe of Khorne, Collar of Khorne, Sigil of Corruption, Combi-Bolter, Melta-Bombs
8 x CSM
w. CCW instead of Bolters, Melta, Melta Bombs, Rhino
8 x CSM
w. CCW instead of Bolters, Melta, Melta Bombs, Rhino
5 x Possessed
3 x Bikes
w. Melta, Melta, Melta Bombs
3 x Bikes
w. Melta, Melta, Melta Bombs
8 x Fleshhounds

Game 1 vs. .... Daemonkin Bloodhost
This was an absolute riot two Khorne Daemonkin Bloodhosts fighting it out over who provides the best sacrifices to the Blood God.  Haydens host was very different to mine with Berserkers, Bloodletters, a Maulerfiend and a Lord with the Axe that would turn him into a Blood Thirster when he died.  Hayden's Bloodthirster model btw was just awesome..

Deployment my Bloodhost at the bottom - Haydens at the top getting the first Scout move
Our deployments varied I stacked all of my stuff on the left leaving everyone buttoned up in their vehicles - the Possessed my Lord in the Land Raider.  The opposing Bloodhost deployed right across the board mainly as there were so many of them.  The Lord who was there merely to die jumped right in the middle. I didn't decide on a plan until I drew my first objective cards but I aimed to use the Flesh Hounds to block & tar pit his advance drawing in as many of his units as I could.  Targets for shooting were the Maulerfiend then the Bikes.

Opening moves - Flesh Hounds deploy across his the false Khorne followers line of advance
Opening rounds of combat and shooting were just brutal.  Shooting was all mine for the first couple of turns as Hayden had nothing long range with only his Bikes really able to close and bring fire to bear.  The first turn was simply people advancing and after drawing my TO I moved the Bikes to target the Maulerfiend and chose to dismount one lot of Marines to provide a bit more fire support.  A unit of Cultists, one of Bikes and two of Flesh Hounds charged my 8 Hounds and after one brutal round I still had 4 left, enough to lock half Haydens army in combat.   Meanwhile shooting took out the Maulerfiend and some Bikes and the first Blood Tithe points started following in on both sides.

The Hounds do their job and now its a massive free for all as the infantry gets stuck in - this is around 2 or 3
 We were throwing ridiculous amounts of dice in each combat phase as the Blood Tithe points were allowing both of us to spam Apocalyptic Fury - units were dying left right and center and characters were dying and killing in challenges on both sides.  The need to throw literally hundreds of dice each round meant the turns took a while and we only finished 3 before the 90 minute time limit was reached.  But it was an epic 90 minutes where nearly everything on the table died and a large number of units were summoned to replace them.  I was starting to get the worst of combat later on but I got very lucky with the TO cards and had a slim lead heading into the final turn.

The big bad best arrives
 I tried not to kill him but he was there and the only real target for some of my guys so I chopped up the Haydens Lord who promptly morphed into a Blood Thirster.  At this point I opted to remount all of my surviving infantry into their vehicles and let their weapons, the surviving bike unit and some summoned guys do all the damage.  A 5:3 win to me in the end on objectives in a highly enjoyable game which fed A LOT of Blood to the Blood God.

Game 2 vs. Orcs
Now this was a cool army to play against.  I faced Scotty a week or two back when he had his Librarius conclave where everyone was on a Bike this time round it was a HORDE and I do mean HORDE of Orcs on Dinosaurs - yes Dinosaurs with a huge amount of shooting, more attacks in close combat than Khorne Berserkers on Speed at just horrible strength values.  A very fun looking army, with a lot of character and some very cool abilities.  Once again TO would play a big part in securing me a solid win 9:5 as I got lucky drawing some good cards that were easy to score and others that suited my army's composition.   I have no idea what was actually in Scotty's list but it was very cool - IMO anyway...

Fight wise the game was really two games in one - a minor side show involving my Landraider and a unit of CSM vs. a lot of Orc artillery and the Main Event where pretty much everything in my army and nearly everything in his (bar the artillery and some Snots, Grots or whatever the smallest things are) had a massive 3-5 turn melee fest in the middle of the table.  In the end I had my Transports, my Lord and my Possessed left on the table but managed to grab more TO and win the game as this time I played to these rather than trying to kill stuff.  The mass combat in the middle had one telling effect though as it slowed down my accumulation of Blood Tithe points for 2-3 turns which nearly cost me.

The side show - a Rhino rushes up vs. the Orc artillery which could have killed it and his passengers but decided it wanted to miss nearly every shot or fire really really really tiny bullets at it that couldn't hurt it.  The Land Raider was 6" behind and to the left of the Rhino blazing away with its Laser Cannons.
The beginning of the slug fest - its 3-4 rounds old by this stage as the Flesh Hounds have aleady survived a few rounds long enough for a unit of CSM and one of Bikes to go charging in.  Some Blood Tithe points came in but not enough to make a difference at this point.  Khorne decided he didn't like Blood very much though as I just couldn't wound anything...
CSM disembark, start shooting and get ready to charge the artillery - my opponent helpfully informing me that if you charge it successfully it dies.  The big Dinosaur to the left was a very nasty high Strength character who opted to try and eat my Land Raider.
Meanwhile the melee fest continues... my Lord and the 2nd unit of Bikes get in wiping out a lot of little Grot things.  I get extremely lucky when a big block of Orcs (coming from top left) failed their charge.  Blood Tithe points were coming in now and I managed to give everyone +1 Attack and Feel No Pain - that alone earned me another 2 rounds of combat
Ummmm... things haven't gone well.  My Lord can't hit a damn thing and everyone else is dead.  I've killed a lot of stuff so Tithe points are coming in.  More importantly I've been picking up a serious amount of TO's after some lucky card draws.
Ha Ha some success - CSM kill some artillery, while the Possessed (proxied by Blood letters because I forgot my Gal Vorbak) just hang back and chill after the Land Raider vaporised the big Dinosaur beastie

The final act of the game my Lord with the incredibly blunt or slightly bent Axe of Khorne, it must have been bent as it kept missing gets his ass handed to him by some Snot, Grot, Orc things...

Amazing game against a really nice opponent and an incredibly fun army to play against.  If I get really invested in 40k Orc's look like a goer as their fluff, character and play style seems is very appealing plus I really like painting Orcs.

1500pts next week and time to practice for Maelstrom in June.

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