April 16, 2016

Khorne Daemokin Blood Host vs. Biker Orcs @ 1500pts

Pictorial report of my 2nd match from last week against another Orc horde this one full of bikes and jet bikes.  Deployment meant we were playing along the length of the table and some lucky cards allowed me to grab an early TO advantage.  We were using the rules from the upcoming event in June so some the TO decks were cut in half and most had been modified e.g. D3 cards gave you an automatic 2 points.

The more I play KD the better I'm getting and I seemed to play this one smarter than previous matches - but the lack of that Blood Thirster or even Maulerfiend hitting power is starting to show.  KD either need lots of bodies to die which kind of necessitates taking a CAD as you can spam lots of Cultist units or having to kill stuff in combat.  Problem is the CAD lacks the Tithe bonuses of the Slaughtercult and Blood Host which are just too good to turn down.

Either way this was another enjoyable game that reinforced my preference for KD over CSM and that Orcs are definitely an army I'd consider starting at some point (if I had the money of course).

My opponents main Bike horde - he had 2 one on Jet Bikes with 2 strong supporting characters and a few hordes of infantry

My opponents deployment showing the massive horde that was his army
The buildings dominated the center of the table with one TO and another close by.  Scouting Flesh Hounds enabled me to grab both at the beginning and the fences gave the dismounted infantry & my Bikes save firing positions to wait for the Orc Bikes to approach.  
Bikes wait with Meltas ready while behind them dismounted CSM sit behind cover as the Orcs approach
An Orc Warboss takes on the first lot of Bikers - unfortunately I lacked Blood Tithe points at this stage so they had to rely solely on their 3+ save, which couldn't help them against a Powerclaw hitting on S10
Ready and waiting these CSM proved valuable the next turn after the Orc Warboss killed the Bikers in front of them in made a mistake and sat out in the open.  2 Melta shots and 8 Bolters all got through him and the result was one very dead Orc Warboss and some happy CSM
Meanwhile in the center Cultists and the Hellbrute guard one objective with the Hellbrute using its Multi-Melta to good effect against the incoming Bikes.  Havoc Launchers also started to do damage and Orc Bikes were being killed and/or wounded regularly.  Luckily for me the Orc Warlord got stuck in combat against a unit of Flesh Hounds for 3 rounds.  My other CSM, Warlord and Possessed all disembarked as the Rhinos were both immobilised and then wrecked in quick order
Blood for the Blood God
Probably the key combat of the opening few turns.  I used the Flesh Hounds to block off the Bikes forcing them to divert around away from the infantry giving them more time to shoot.  The Flesh Hounds also forced a charge from the Orc Warlord who simply couldn't get through their saves.  By this stage I was also able to starting buffing people with FNP...
The Orc Warboss meets his demise at the hands of my CSM Squad - really like this picture
The Orc Bikes navigate the terrain and get ready to charge my dismounted CSM.  Orc shooting has wrecked both Rhinos and also taken out a few CSM (the Bloodletter models are there because I didn't bring enough CSM with me duh!!)  In a lucky break one of the Orc champions is already carrying a wound.
The big melee fest - unfortunately my Possessed and Lord charged through terrain making them Initiative 1 - but by this stage Tithe points were streaming in allowing me to give everyone FNP and +1A - the Possessed also rolled a 5 giving them +1 A so they were charging with 6 attacks each (2 base + 1 for Fury + 2 for MoK + 1 for ability) at S6 thanks to the Icon of Wrath.  Even better they killed all of the Powerfist/claw Orcs in that first round
The final act...
By the time the last picture was taken I didn't have much left on the board a single squad of CSM, one lot of Cultists, a unit of 5 summoned Flesh Hounds and the Hellbrute.  My opponent also had a massive TO points lead as his 3-4 infantry blobs were all sitting untouchable on objectives that I didn't have the firepower to take away.

Learning that after dismounting the Rhinos really need to move back to the rear where they can be reasonably safe and shoot their Havoc Launchers - perhaps using Smoke Launchers in the turn they disembark would be a good idea (if its allowed by the rules).  I tend to keep forgetting about them after I drop the troops off.  Getting used to the rules more and more now - although some of the differences with WFHB take some getting used to e.g. all shooting hits get resolved first on the closest model mean if an opponents 2+/2++ Lord is in front of his weak infantry and I land 20 hits they all go on him until he fails enough for the others to get through.  In WHFB they'd just go on the unit and the Lord would take 1 if he failed a look out sir.  The whole Initiative to flee thing is strange as well as is the fact that one of my fleeing units got caught in a charge but wasn't wiped out but got to turn and fight?  Really need to read the rules more carefully before June.

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