April 26, 2016

Online X-Wing simulator

Thanks to one of the New Zealand X-Wing Facebook groups I'm in I came across this really good online X-Wing simulator last week - Squad Benchmark  It allows you to build lists for all the factions and fly them against other opponents either human (on the same PC I think haven't explored that option yet) and more importantly a computer AI version.  You can build your own lists and those of your opponent or pre-select from a range of lists provided by the site.  These lists include Top 10 lists I assume based on those found in actual competitions.

The game screen - map in the middle, team rosters to either side.
Simple controls for picking actions & making attacks etc
The sites easy to use the game mechanics all work reasonably well and it's a lot of fun to play.  I've spent most of my time on it the last few days practicing against some of the form popular Top 10 lists of the last 12-18 months e.g. Y-Wing TLT horde & the Bro-Bots.  Some mechanisms don't quite work so you can't for example deliberately fly your ship into an asteroid which is quite useful at times, take back bad moves (which would be useful for a site thats about play testing lists), and the scale of the map isn't perfect so I've flown a few ships off the edge because its not quite right.

Combats easy - you have the option of accepting the random dice rolls or "cheating" and changing the results

But if you can't find an opponent for the table for a game have a few on the site it works and its a good way to pass the time.  If your an X-Wing player/fan check it out...

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