April 3, 2016

WH40k CSM Rhinos updated

Did a slight repaint on my 2 Rhinos today to darken them up and get them looking more like my Land Raider.  Repaint didn't involve stripping and starting again although I did consider it.  Basically the original paint job was too bright and rather flat.  To fix them up I gave them a good wash with Drakenhoff Nightshade and some watered down highlights with Mephiston Red.  Dry brushing with Vallejo Gun Metal to give them a slight worn out look and finally a few transfers and they're all done.

Borrowed an idea off Glen Burfield from the blog Wrythhold (well worth a look btw) and photographed them using one of Forgeworlds HH novels as the back drop.  Going to do that with all my miniatures from now on as it looks good. Writing on each vehicle was achieved using a standard small nib writing pen from a local stationary store.


Wryth said...

Cheers for the shout out mate. The writing on the Rhinos roof looks excellent. Your ever expanding force is certainly motivating me to do similar.

John Murrie said...

No worries been enjoying yr recent updates. You going to Maelstrom???