April 23, 2016

WIP - Bloodthirster of Insenate Rage

Budget wise I shouldn't have gotten him but I got a very good deal and I'm impatient so why the hell not.  The kit is another example of GW excellent workmanship and the gulf between their plastics and those of other manufacturers.  Trickiest thing about assembly was getting the tongue into the mouth the rest of it fitted together cleanly and easily.  The balance of the model was quite good as well with the majority of the torso and both legs assembled it stood up on its base without any form of assistance.  
Initial assembly the model is standing up without any form of adhesive or support
The kit though does allow you  to build all three versions of the Bloodthirster if you work the pieces carefully and magnetise the different weapon options.  But I went with the Great Axe of Khorne bearing BT of Insenate Rage because I like the look of that one the most.  Basing wise I opted to go with putting him in flight using the skulled/flaming base as I like the look of it and had plans for how to make it look good.  

Basing stage 1 - applying cork rocks
 The base is going to be a rock formation surrounded by lava so stage 1 involved cutting corks to the right shape and gluing them down.  Initially I tried to Polyfilla terrain with a crater in the middle like my Display Board thinking that the model would look good coming out of a pool of lava.  However, it just didn't look right so went with rock formation instead.  It also has the added advantage of giving me a more secure base structure to pin the model to - glue would work fine but putting a steel rod through the base will ensure he stays put.

How the BT will fit onto the base
Once the glue on the base is dry I pin the model to it, undercoat and start painting.  Need to order some more Mephiston Red first though as I'm all out again.

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