April 13, 2016

WIP - CSM Display Board lava pits & Rhino

The practice attempts with the Vallejo Still Water worked out pretty well so I started work on the lava pits for the display board this afternoon.  Product takes 24 hours to dry properly but after only 4-5 hours the results are looking quite good.  Application is fairly easy although a key tip is that the paint you use to colour it needs to be thin or it won't spread effectively.

Lava looks better in person
The process involved pouring the stuff into the area you want covered and letting it settle for a bit. Then start dropping your colour in following the usual process of dark to light shades.  Don't add a lot just a few drops here and there then swirl them around with something to get the desired effect.  For the base colour I used a popsicle stick to spread it right through.  For the shading I used smaller amounts of paint and spread them through with a match stick.  Blowing on the Still Water also seems to work and the product flowed nicely when I tilted the board which helped things mix.

The craters look good but I'm not sold on the areas that spread over the surface they don't look as realistic - if they haven't improved by morning I'll scrap them off and redo them like the rest of the board.
The overall colour originally didn't look that great but as it settled over time the different shades seemed to come through more so I expect it to get better overnight.  According to various tutorials I might need to add another layer as the product shrinks out as it drys... still very impressed with it.

Base coats also went down on the Rhino as well and I got to use all of the extra bits in the kit to make my other Rhinos look more Chaos-y.

Overall, a productive week and the board is looking good - well at least it does to me, although when compared to the stuff coming out of Adepticon each year it looks ridiculously simple


da Gobbo Grotto said...

The lava looks fantastic John. I love the swirling colours.

McCrae said...

I like the lava swirl John.