April 5, 2016

WIP - CSM Obliterators, Flesh Hounds & Display Board

Minor progress on a few items.  6 Obliterator's nearly done just need some final dry-brushing and washing.  As a unit they're really good but the models aren't that great as the sculpting and detailing is very messy at least IMO.  Have 5 metal versions now (plus one unassembled) and 3 failcast - interesting to discover that the 2 I already had have been heavily modified.  Benefits of buying 2nd hand I guess.  10 Flesh Hounds have had a base coat and initial wash only.

Display board is going slowly after seeing the pictures coming out of Adepticon 2016 I've seen just have much further I could take it. Unfortunately mountains of terrain especially buildings are not possible budget wise but I did have a go at adding some craters which turned out quite well.  Easy process whack some Polyfilla down stick a round object in the middle and then shape the edges.
Ran out of poster paint hence the 1/2 coverage on the grey base coat
The craters were meant to be shell holes but after building them I realised that to make realistic shell holes I would had to make the whole board thicker/deeper and put the holes into it as they wouldn't sit on top as they do. So I'm going to turn them into lava pits instead having just found a great tutorial on how to do it.

Am looking at some alternative terrain pieces including 1:35 scale WW2 model kits, still have couple of months to go till Maelstrom so no rush right now. No gaming this week unfortunately due to other commitments.

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