April 12, 2016

WIP - CSM/Khorne Daemonkin Display Board & CSM Rhino

A few more supplies arrived today and I also managed to pick a couple of more up allowing me to make some additional progress on my CSM/Khorne Daemonkin display board.  Paint has gone down its just basic poster paint with a few extra layers dry brushed on with each layer getting slightly lighter as I use less gray and more white in the mix.  Vallejo Still Water also turned up meaning I can start work on the lava areas hence the red areas on the board - needed to give a good base colour.  Have started a couple of tests with the Still Water to get the product right before I put it on the board.  Trick appears to be getting the amount of colour you put in just right.  It does do some interesting things when you mix the colours though which holds promise of a good result.
Display board after painting and dry brushing - still needs the lava and I'm debating whether or not to flock it with the Ash and Grass Tufts I use on my CSM miniatures
I also should probably should have mapped the overall board out first as I went to put my 1500pt KD army on it the other night and found that its not big enough - well it is but you can't spread things out very well.  So Tip - lay your army out as you would want to on any display board, measure the area they take up and then buy/make a board that size - I did that with my WHFB display boards.  Had completely forgotten that WHFB & 40K models base up and display differently otherwise I would have gone one size higher on the board.  Funny but this same size board can easily accommodate a 2500-4000pt Dwarf army from WHFB... go figure.

Given that KD can't take a Land Raider in a Blood Host I also treated myself to another Rhino to go with the 2 second-hand ones I already own.  Advantage of buying new of course is that you get all the extra bits in the kit.  It would be great (but highly unlikely) if GW combined the Predator/Rhino kits as from what I can see the only difference between them are the 2 sprues one for the sponsons and one for the turret.
Next on the painting table 
Still need to get another small nib marker pen so I can write extracts from the Book of Lorgar all over the finished model, and one of the other Rhinos I have.  Hopefully I'll be able to get most of it done before my next game this Thursday.... after that and the board are done I am officially out of things to paint *sigh*

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