May 29, 2016

Chaos Possessed - it pays to read the rules

Had a great day of gaming and pre-Maelstrom practice at Glen B's place yesterday.  6 of us were there getting ready for Maelstrom and having a good chat about the local gaming scene and what to expect at the event.  Its interesting to note that with 30+ attendees it one of the largest local events for some time and marked by the attendance of a number of 40k newbies like myself.  To quote Glen the local community has a lot of "Fantasy Orphans" looking for another home now that Age of Suckmar has killed Fantasy.

While I posted my tournament list the other day I didn't use that list yesterday and switched back to my Blood Host formation.  The key reason Blood Tithe - a KD CAD simply doesn't accumulate them fast enough while a Blood Host gets one free one each turn meaning I was spamming my favourite combo of Apocalyptic Fury and FNP pretty much all day.  Did get to summon a Blood Thirster as well.

Anyway... the point of this post 'It pays to read the rules".  Possessed despite their bad wrap are in my opinion pretty awesome.  They're essentially CSM with S5, Daemon and more attacks.  Combined with Apocalyptic Fury I was getting (thanks to lots of 5's & 6's) 4 attacks minimum from them each turn.

Thats where the rules issue comes in.

"Vessel of Chaos - At the beginning of each Fight sub-phase, roll a D3 on the table below for each friendly Possessed unit locked in combat.  The mutation affects every Possessed model in the unit and lasts for the rest of the game turn."
Now its the last underlined bit that I overlooked.  What it means is this...
"If you go 2nd in any game then your Possessed's mutations stack"
How so?
"Turn 1 - Your opponent goes first, and charges your Possessed.  They roll on the table and get a mutation in your opponents Fight sub-phase.  That mutation lasts the rest of the game turn...
"In your Turn 1 - Your Possessed are still locked in combat.  As it is a new sub-fight phase they, according to the rulebook, roll for a Mutation.  The mutation they rolled for in the previous Fight sub-phase still exists as the turn is not yet over."
Now that's a pretty nasty bonus albeit one that only works if you go 2nd which isn't always ideal.  But against Ryan's White Scars yesterday that's what I was doing. As I was rolling a 5 or 6 pretty much every turn for the Possessed bonus those bonus would really stack..  The combos you could get are quite good.

  • 4 x S5 I6 attacks
  • 3 x S5 I5attacks @ AP3
  • 3 x S5 I5 attacks with rerolls to wound
  • 2 x S5 I4 attacks @ AP3...etc etc
Definitely makes them interesting.  My list for the event will get tweaked a little bit but will be

Blood Host
Slaughter Cult Primary Detachment
2 x CSM - Melta, Power Sword, Rhino, Havoc Launcher
1 x Possessed - Rhino, Havoc Launcher
2 x Cultists

Gore Pack
2 x Bikes - Melta, Melta, Melta Bombs
2 x Flesh Hounds

Lord of War
Blood Thirster of Insensate Rage

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