May 13, 2016

WIP #2 - Bloodthirster of Khorne painting & summoning rules problem

Finished of the main parts of the wings and started work on the bronzed/gold elements of the armour. Bronze areas used a base of GW Burnished Gold followed by 2 layers of Sepia Wash.  I'll dry brush Mithril Silver on them later on.  Wings relied on dry brushing and layering.  To get the symbols on the wings to stand out they were given a light wash of Nuln Oil and Sepia Wash, turned out better than I thought they would.


Pieces to left to paint now are:

  • Claws on wings, claws on hands & Horns - need highlighting and edging
  • Hair - need highlighting and edging
  • Skulls - on the base and hair.
  • Non-Bronzed armour - just touch ups.
  • Weapon Haft including leather areas.
  • Touch ups on rocks on base + areas where colours have dripped/spotted during dry brushing.
After that its another layer of Still Water on the base and then a layer of GW Purity Seal to protect everything.

Rules Problem
Also discovered I'd been playing the summoned Blood Thirster wrong or at least I think I am as after spending two days reading various forums I still can't get a consensus viewpoint on the issue.  Have emailed the TO of the event I'm going to in June to get his ruling.

Basically the issue is this.  If you get 8 Blood Tithe points you can summon a Blood Thirster in place of a character who successfully passes a Leadership Test.  That Blood Thirster arrives immediately - so at the beginning of the turn before any phase starts as thats when you use the Tithe - but arrives via Deep Strike.  What happens next is where it gets confusing as there are two interpretations.
  1. As a flying monstrous creature he arrives from Deep Strike so follows the DS Reserves rule comes in Swooping, has to wait till the next turn to Glide and then the following Turn to charge.  So summon Turn 2 - Glide Turn 3 - and charge Turn 4.  Which means possibly 3 rounds/turns of being shot to bits before he can get into combat.
  2. He arrives via Deep Strike but as he is summoned and hasn't come from Reserves and this is a special codex rule that trumps the book the reserves rules do not apply.  As he is summoned before the movement phase he hasn't technically moved so in that phase he can, without moving from his landing spot, switch to gliding mode and then charge the following turn.  So summon Turn 2 switch to Glide movement phase and Turn 3 charge.
Now I'd been summoning him and then charging straight away as to me your basically just swapping a character for a Blood Thirster prior to the movement phase so after that he goes as normal and you choose whether to Glide or Swoop him.  The Deep Strike then just describes how he's placed.   

The rules designer from GW stated online that he intended for the interpretation to be No.2 Glide in then charge the next turn as there's no point having a massive combat orientated creature that comes in and is out of the game for 3 entire turns.

Now if the correct interpretation is no.1 then a summoned Blood Thirster becomes a giant waste of points.  Basically, you generally won't get 8 Tithe points till at least Turn 3 possibly Turn 2 if your lucky.  So if Interpretation #1 stands then your big melee orientated BT may not be charging until Turn 6 or 5 at best, but which time with random game length the match could be over.  Which means theres absolutely no point summoning one, at all as he will never get into combat... ever - which cant be what the rules were meant to do.

It also negates the 60pt Axe that turns your Lord into a Bloodthirster after he dies because if he dies in Turn 3 or beyond then the BT will not be able to do anything. 

Nothing in the latest FAQ draft about this and Khorne Daemonkin do not have a separate FAQ on the Black Library site.  Ill wait to see what Hagen the TO comes back with.  If its #1 then that changes my tactics completely as it means not accumulating Tithe points beyond 4-5 as there is no point, it may also mean not bothering to take one at all.  After all the point of having the model is to have him kill stuff, die and then come back...

As stated I spent hours reading the various forum posts on this and nobody agrees as its a rules as written vs. rules as intended typical GW clusterfuck... 


Sam Whitt said...

Looks good mate. Looking forward to the event and I hope we get a game.

John Murrie said...

Cheers Sam - going to be a fun weekend I think looking forward to it as well