May 5, 2016

WIP - Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage

Skin on the Bloodthirster is completed.  Last layers and small highlights were applied and the final wash put on.  Next up will be the wings which after a suggestion from my 9yr old I am really wishing I had painted blue rather than the flesh tone that I am going for.  Basing also done using the same Vallejo Still Water product used on my display board - unfortunately most of it ran off the base as I didn't seal the edge properly so it will need another layer applied but you should get the general idea.

No 40k gaming tonight as I'm playing Indoor Cricket but aiming to get a few more games in next week in preparation for my first ever 40k event which is only 4 weeks away now.  Expecting to get stomped but to have a lot of fun doing it.

The images are all quite large so click on them to get the best view.

The paints I used to finish off the skin in the order used from left to right.  Mephiston Red base + wash + Mephiston red again as the primary colours and then watered down layers/highlights after that.  Bloodletter glaze has gone on all of larger models as it seems to even the colours out quite nicely especially on vehicles.  Had to switch to Nuln Oil as I ran out of my preferred Drakenhoff Nightshade and Mighty Ape didn't have any in stock.  Normally, I stay clear of Nuln Oil as I found the first few batches of it were excessively dark but this one was just right.

The base made out of cut up cork with the Vallejo Still Water added around it.  Cork painted simply like all my bases - Grey primary base colour, quick wash and some rough white dry brushed highlights.  It will need touching up as paint from the model is dripping on it when I dry brush etc.

Finally the wings - only this  section has been started.  I've been mixing paint colours together to try and get the right layering and colour effect.  As stated I wish I'd gone with something a little more dramatic now.  I could do so but adding an additional base layer would hide all of the detailing.  The blue/red look would have been similar to what I did for my WHFB High Elf Phoenix 3 years back, although I would have gone much darker with the blue.

Just for a bit of nostalgia here's what the Phoenix looked like - its in fact one of only 2 High Elf models I kept after selling or trashing the rest. 

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