June 30, 2016

KD 1400pt 40k Tournie list & Book Review "Emperor Expects"

Call to Arms is coming up in a month or so and at 1400pts with some interesting restrictions I've opted to make some changes to the list I took to Maelstrom last month.  Thanks to Glen B I'll be able to borrow a couple of Helldrakes which will give my army something extra and combined with the Daemons starter set I got yesterday the army looks very different

Khorne Daemonkin CAD @ 1400pts
Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage
Chaos Lord
w. Juggarnaut, Bloodforged Armour, Axe of Khorne, Combi-Melta, Sigil of Corruption, Melta Bombs

8 x Bloodletters
8 x Bloodletters
8 x Cultists
8 x Cultists

Fast Attack
w. Baleflamer
w. Baleflamer
9 x Fleshhounds

Heavy Support
Skull Cannon

Not taking any CSM seems wrong somehow but I think this list could be fun.  3 Flyers some fast movers and the option to deep strike the majority of my army if I want to.  Testing it tomorrow night against Glen.

Book Review
On another note I finally got around to ordering the 3rd book in the Beast Arises Series Gav Thorpes "The Emperor Expects".  All I can say is what a let down. The exert provided at the end of Book 2 promised a lot and suggested that Book 3 would be a big improvement over the first two but honestly it was the worst of the 3.  I tried to find something positive in this book particularly as Gav Thorpe is usually a good writer but save for a few short passages I just couldn't.

As with the first two books there were multiple story arcs 3 this time around focusing on (1) The political bore fest on Terra, (2) an Imperial Fleet action against an Orc force and (3) the last of the Imperial Fists doing stuff.

The political bore fest was just that boring and I ended up skipping the majority of it as I simply wasn't invested in any of the characters enough to care - although the final paragraph did promise something in the next book (although it was rather obvious it was going to happen).  The fleet action was well described but horribly short and seemed to have been thrown in almost as an afterthought very much a - "we need to have some fighting in here, I know lets have ships shoot at each other".  The third story line was the most disappointing as it had the greatest amount of promise and really should have been the major story arc.  In Books 1 & 2 the Imperial Fists Chapter is wiped out to literally the last man - or Last Wall.  That's huge an entire chapter getting wasted particularly the Imperial Fists should be a major plot point.  But it was barely covered, even the story arc covering Terra only mentioned it in passing - as in "oh by the way the Imperial Fists are all dead now whats for lunch".  The other issue I have with it is where are the other Space Marine chapters?  Given the scale of the Orc invasion are we seriously supposed to believe that the Imperial Fists and their brother chapters are the only ones fighting them?

As I said I tried to find something positive in this but I just couldn't I'll continue on with the series because you know I like reading but I seriously hope things get better.

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