June 15, 2016

Maelstrom 40k - Daemonkin vs. Blood Angels

The first game of Maelstrom and a nice open board giving my Rhinos and Gorepack a lot of space to move up toward the various objectives.  Blood Angels drop pods would prove to be rather annoying but while both of our armies were relatively small I had the ability to summon new units to the table.  
Flesh Hounds scout up and then capture the first objectives getting me an early TO lead
Damn drop pods came down quick and I didn't have much that could take them out as my Meltas were busy elsewhere
This seemed like a good idea at the time but the BA Warlord hit like a ton of very large bricks
I got off to an early TO point lead as I got lucky with the cards and my scouting units were able to snatch some early points. This would continue throughout the game particularly as I was able to summon new units to drop onto objectives throughout the match
Disembarked and waiting for Blood Angels Marines to pop around the corner
Time for the Bloodthirster and the Chosen to get stuck into combat.
Setting up for the grand melee - BA Assault Marines get ready to charge in as another squad drop pod arrives.  
This didn't go at all well for my CSM - shooting was effective but the remaining BA vaporised them in the Assault phase

This is what 40k should be about CSM fighting Space Marines
 While the Gorepack and summoned units took care of the objectives and a couple of Razorbacks the main action was in the middle of the board where the BA Warlord and two units of Marines were faced down by my Slaughtercult.  Getting buffed by FNP really helped and the ensuing action was just brutal on both sides as the Dice Gods were fickle and indecisive with their favours - leaning toward the Daemonkin one turn and the Blood Angels the next.

By Turn 6 this was about all that was left on the table outside of a few random Bloodletters and a BA Dreadnought
This was one game where the Blood Tithe made a massive difference.  I was well ahead on objectives and while Sam kept on killing stuff this allowed me to summon 1 unit a turn for several turns bringing on 3 units of Flesh Hounds and 1 of Bloodletters.  I concentrated these on taking objectives while the rest of my guys went nuts deep killing stuff.  While the BA hit extremely hard every model Sam lost was one he couldn't replace while my army wasn't really getting any smaller.  The Bloodthirster died in the end, as was to be expected, but I managed to score TO nearly every turn and camp models on the objective markers.   The final result a very enjoyable game and a 16-4 win.

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