June 14, 2016

Maelstrom 40k - Event Tables & Army Parade

Had a great weekend at my first ever 40k tournament.  Quite a big one by regional standards with 32 players and an incredibly diverse field of players and armies.  In the end I did better than I thought I would with 2 wins and 3 losses. Only one of those loses was severe at 2-18 (making this I think my first event without a 20-0 result), the other two were pretty close and one was very nearly a win over the eventual Tournament winner and his Dark Eldar.  It was only a last minute objective steal that flipped the final score in his favor.  I ended up in 30th place at the end of things.  Comp scoring dropped me down quite a bit as I got 10/25 vs. 22-25/25 for the majority of the field.  On Battle Points alone I would have finished 23rd so I'm happy.

Hagen did a great job organising and running the event.  It was somewhat strange as I'm used to going to WHFB/FOW events where I know everyone.  While there were a lot of WHFB orphans there it was good to meet and come across a lot new faces.  The games were all enjoyable, I picked up a lot of ideas and have already registered for Call to Arms the next 40k event on the calendar.

Anyway Battle Reports to come soonish in the interim here are the tables from the event and pictures of most of the armies that were there.  I didn't get photos of all of them as they weren't all set up for the parade.

The Armies
Sam Whitt's Blood Angels the very deserved winner of Best Painted

My Daemonkin
Jeff's Space Wolves - every model is fully magnetised for full customability arms, legs, weapons the whole lot

One of the 2 Knight armies - this one belonged to Dave H who finished 3rd
Sisters of Battle
1 of 2 Imperial Guard Armies - the 2nd had models based on the British Imperial army from the 19th century 
Part of Simon S's huge Imperial Guard army - really liked this one
Crimson Fists
Daemons of Chaos - finished 2nd and won 2nd best painted

The event winning army Dark Eldar - I got monstered by this but nearly snatched a win

Some really good looking armies on display throughout the weekend and the overall results were pretty close with very few points separating the top half of the field.  Composition scoring ended up deciding many of the places.  

The Event Tables

Played my first game on this vs. Blood Angels
Faced Dark Eldar on this one

Played Dark Angels on this one

The scene of my blue on blue vs. a CSM army

Faced a horde of Hive Tyrants on this one
The event raffle saw this little beauty up for grabs
This table was just awesome


Hagen said...

Really glad you enjoyed yourself John :)

Thanks for supporting the tournament.

John Murrie said...

Yep had a good time - very nice group of people at the event and it was good to see some familiar faces after not being to a WHFB event in some time.

I see that Warpstorms in October so Ill definitely be down for that as well. If you keep running the events Ill keep turning up :)