June 5, 2016

Maelstrom 40k tournament lists released

All 31 lists for this weekends Maelstrom 1500 40k tournament came out yesterday. Normally if this were a fantasy event I could do a breakdown and analysis of whats being taken.  But as a 40k newbie with at most 20-30 games under my belt I really don't know whats what yet.  That and the scores of different formations available in 40k make knowing everything about everything is pretty much impossible.  I can analyse the CSM lists though.

Overall the comp restrictions for the event principally no allies, max of 4 detachments/formations etc have thrown up at varied field.

You can check out the lists at this link

The 32 armies breakdown as follows:
  • Tyranids - 2
  • CSM - 2
  • Space Marines (Sentinels of Terra) - 1
  • Space Marines - 4
  • Blood Angels - 2
  • Space Marines (Clan Raukaan) - 1
  • Grey Knights - 1
  • Imperial Knights - 2
  • Eldar Craftworlds - 3
  • Chaos Daemons - 2
  • Necrons - 1
  • Space Wolves - 1
  • Khorne Daemonkin - 1 (Me!!!)
  • Tau - 2
  • Astra Militarum - 2
  • Adeptus Sororitas - 1
  • Orks - 2
  • Dark Angels - 1
  • Dark Eldar - 1
There are 8 Imperial Knights in two lists, 1 Wraith Knight and an Orc Stomper as the big stuff and a 6+ Hive Tyrants in the 2 Tyranid lists.  Favourite model appears to be Bikes with a bucket load spread across the various Space Marine armies. 

Composition Points
The comp rules gave 25 points to everyone based on army composition with that total reducing based on the number of detachments you took.  Those who took a CAD got the full 25 while adding detachments/formations dropped your score right down.  With 3 formations in my army (Slaughtercult, Gorepack, Lord of Slaughter) my comp score is 10/25. Of the 31 competitors only 4 of us have scores below 22 or 25 with 10,10,10 & 8 respectively.  So it looks like I'm heading into my first ever 40k event as a newbie and with a 12-15pt deficit before the 1st round even starts.  Joy!!!

The proliferation of CAD also put me at a serious disadvantage as none of my units are objective secured.  This means I am going to have to kill a lot of stuff to take TO and get the points needed to win games because pretty much everything I'll be facing is objective secured. Some lists have 10+ OS units which can effectively camp on objectives and deny me points.

Chaos Space Marines 
The 2 Chaos Space Marine lists are interesting one goes down the internet list route taking a mass of Spawn while the other seems to love actual marines with 4 squads but only 2 Rhinos?

CSM List #1
Juggarnaut Lord w. Axe of Blind Fury
L2 Sorceror
2 x Minimum CSM squads in Rhinos
3 x units of 5 Spawn
2 x units of 2 MoN Obilterators

What can I say but blah Obliterators are cool but the Spawn thing is just mawh... CSM should be about CSM not other stuff.  Unfortunately Spawn in the context of the current codex are cheap, effective and hard to leave at home.  

CSM List #2
Daemon Prince Tzentch - L2, Black Mace, Wings
7 x Chosen w. Rhino
5 x CSM
8 x CSM w. Rhino
10 x CSM
5 x CSM
3 x Obilterator

This looks very much like a list built around an individuals model collection rather than what would work.  35 Marines overall including the 7 Chosen with a few random Heavy Weapons thrown in including a Laser Cannon.  But only 2 Rhinos mean most of this stuff is either going to have to sit behind cover shooting at stuff or walk across the board and get shot to bits.  

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