June 17, 2016

40k Tournament Report - Daemonkin vs. Dark Angels & Dark Eldar

Games 2 and 3 of Day 1 @ Maelstrom were against two very different opponents and armies.  The first was a very large and highly mobile Dark Angels Bike and Speeder company.  The 2nd against the eventual tournament winner with his Dark Eldar and its 4 Flyer formation.

Game 3 vs. Dark Angels
Diagonal deployment and multiple objectives made things slightly difficult.  To keep things easy we simply classed all of the buildings as hills that blocked LOS - one of the problems using Fantasy terrain in 40k
These bikes packed Plasma Cannons, Multi-Meltas, Assault Cannons and a host of other heavy weapons
Early moves as my opponent moves in.

 I opted to give my opponent the first turn in this game sitting my forces back so he had to come to me.  Given his mobility this seemed like a reasonable idea as my going first would give him the ability to simply move around me.  The opening phases were focused on one of his large Bike units backed by a Character who opted to charge straight at my may line.  The result a lot of very dead Dark Angels Bikes as my shooting tore them to bits and then my ground troops moved in.
The remaining Dark Angels start to fall back after they suffer early losses
This caused my opponent to change his game plan and he slowly pulled back all of his forces using the longer range of his heavy weapons to full effect.  As a result I was forced to give chase which given my lack of assault vehicles made things very difficult, as he stayed at least 24" away from me at all times within Multi-Melta and Assault Cannon range but outside my ability to charge him.

I'd kept the BT back until I could get him into more isolated DA units

The result of my opponents change of tactics was that I was completely unable to get him into combat and lacked the shooting to take out his bikes.  Consequently, I also fell back relying on the Havoc Launchers to try and eek out damage.  In the end I ended up hiding my few remaining units behind a hill and the game ended with a lack of action on both sides.

Unfortunately my opponents tactics worked very well and he picked up a lot of objective points eventually winning 18-2.  His longer range firepower ripped through my units and I only had my Lord, 2 Rhinos, 2 Flesh Hounds and the Thirster left at the end - all of them hiding.

Game 4 vs. Dark Eldar

I honestly didn't have a clue what this guys army would do especially the Dark Eldar ability to get so much shooting out of his transports.  In retrospect what I should have done is mass everyone in a single part of the board and charge straight up trying to kill as much as possible before his Flyers came on.  I camped the Cultists on objectives located within runes giving them a 3+ Cover Save against shooting when they went to ground.  Combined with army wide FNP that I kept spamming they survived extremely well.

In the end I didn't kill enough stuff early on and while I destroyed several of his units I had nothing with which to hurt his flyers (forgetting the BT had Vector Strike didn't help).  In the end I only managed a single wound on one of his 4 Flyers a CSM getting lucky with a Bolter round.

One thing in my favour though was that his Flyers were unable to capture objectives, while my troops were.  To counter his massive advantage my remaining troops all camped on objectives in the various ruins and went to ground.  I was wracking up the TO's and by the last turn was up 11-10 so heading remarkably for a slight win.

Unfortunately, the game didn't end early and went into a 7th turn allowing my opponent to clear a unit of Cultists off one of the Primary Objectives.  This was worth 4 points and switched the final score around from 11-10 in my favour to 14-7 in his and a 2nd loss to finish the day.

I thought his army was pretty cool but personally Flyers dramatically unbalance the game particularly the new rules.  IMO 40k is an infantry/vehicle based table top game not an airborne dog fighting game.  The new Flyer rules seem Ok but 40k needs to do what WHFB did and limit flyers their level of firepower is simply to great for the points they cost e.g. a 230pt Landraider has 2 TL Laser Cannon shots and a Heavy Bolter while for the same points you can get multiple flyers with 4-5x that level of firepower.  More importantly those flyers can hit everything while they in turn can only be hit on 6's by anyone who doesn't have Skyfire which is lacking from several codexs - CSM can only access it through Havoc Squads while KD have no Skyfire at all unless the use Blood Thirsters.

Overall, a decent first day I didn't play that well but that's to be expected given I've only been playing for a few months so 1 win and 2 losses were a reasonably good result.

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