June 4, 2016

WIP - Lord of Khorne on Juggarnaut

Another package from our local procurer Simon means I finally have something to paint a Lord of Khorne on a Juggarnaut.  Took longer to get here from the UK than he thought so it won't be going to Maelstrom this weekend but should be ready in time for Call to Arms in August.

Initial assembly stage

Unfortunately the model is in Finecast which I understand as its probably not a big seller and GW would most likely still have a lot of Failcast stock in its backroom.  Just made it bit trickier to put together due to the usual Failcast issues of excessive flashing and poorly fitting bits.

Start of the basing process cork and probably some lava as well.  Model will get pinned to the base
Model in his eventual position on the base
All the left over bits from Bloodthirster have also allowed me try adding some extras to it beginning with the reins and eventually a few other symbols.  The kit does come with some skulls and things but they're a nightmare to attach so I'm sticking to whatever plastic extras I can find.

Beginning of the reins made from chains from the BT kit

Just in case it didn't look Khorne enough I thought I'd add another symbol
Going to base him the same way I did the Bloodthirster pinning the model to rocks made from wine corks and then covering the rest of the base in lava using Vallejo Still Water.  Looking forward to painting it as while Finecast is a pain to assemble it does take paint well.  J

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