June 20, 2016

WIP - Lord of Khorne on Juggarnaut

Making progress on the only model I have left to paint right now my Lord of Khorne.  So far I've been concentrating on the Juggarnaut itself rather than the character as I'm still working out how to paint or his little bits of detail.  So still lots of finishing touches to go but its taking shape.

Just for a bit of comparison this is one of the early stages
 Also getting some reading in after picking the first 6 books in the Souldrinkers series in omnibus form on Trade Me.  Finished the first book which was pretty good and so far the 2nd is going well.  Its an interesting tale focusing on a Chapter that is classed as Excommunicate Traitoris but continues to fight for the Imperium while simultaneously embracing mutation and rejecting Chaos.  So basically walking a fine line between loyalty as defined by the Imperium and Damnation with that line defined by themselves.

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