July 1, 2016

Latest hobby arrivals - Khorne & X-Wing

Nice series of packages arrived by courier this week to add to my 40k and X-Wing collections.

The new GW Start Collecting box sets are extremely good value most giving you at least 1 of the sets within them free.  For Khorne Daemonkin players this kit is perfect as it covers all of the summoning bonuses you get on the Blood Tithe table save for Flesh Hounds.  It was interesting to see that the Bloodletters came with the new 32mm bases meaning I'm going to have to rebase my other set at some point.

Got these off Trade Me as nice find too as they haven't been available via GW or normal retailers for some time.  The TO cards are the same except for the first 6 and you also get a set of larger cards that cover the Tithe chart which will save me going through the Codex each game.

Ok I admit I probably shouldn't have gotten this.  Its not like I'm playing a lot of X-Wing right now but the new cards for the Defenders are just too good to pass up.  Getting this kit means I can take a decent 2 Defender list to the Regionals this month as well.  

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