July 17, 2016

X-Wing Regionals practice & 40k Chaos army all done

First visit to Nexus Games today for some X-Wing.  Definitely great to get back into it and I managed two games before I had to head off.  The first up against a Ghost + B-Wing combo, the 2nd against a Scum list with 5 x Auto Blaster Y-Wings.  For both games I took the list I plan on using at Regionals this weekend which is different to what I posted initially.

Modified Regionals List
Rexlar Brath - Predator, Ion Cannon, Tie-D/O
Glave Squadron Pilot - Veteran Instincts, Ion Cannon, Tie-D/O
Epsilon Leader

In both games the Tie-F/O died first and pretty quickly its in there principally to fill out the points.  I did work out an alternate list where I had 2 Academy Ties and 2 Glave Squadron Pilots but I'm not a big fan of low pilot skill ships.  The Ion Cannon/Tie-DO title combo proved incredibly effective in both games.  The damage output especially with Predator and Rexlar's ability is quite high.


Still somewhat rusty in terms of playing I think that's 8 games for the year now but I like the list so am looking forward to the Regionals this Saturday.

I've also been practicing online with them and have figured out a formation that works best for me, and it did the job in these games. Having Predator on Rexlar Brath is a good fit as it means he can save the focus token (if needed) for his special ability.

Finally I am once again out of things to paint having finished by "Getting Started Daemons of Khorne" box set in time for Call to Arms in August.  Guess I'll have to buy something else now.  Army is all set to go...

1400pts of CSM & KD

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