July 25, 2016

X-Wing Regionals: Wellington 2016

Back from my 2nd ever X-Wing regionals event and while it was fun it wasn't as successful as my first outing.  The field had been cut to 27 due to some competitors getting grounded by airport fog meaning a bye round during the 5-round Swiss competition.  I modified my list as well taking:

  • Rexlar - Predator, Ion Cannon, Tie/D-0
  • Countess Ryad - VI, Ion Cannon, Tie/D-0
  • Zeta Ace
Round 4 and my only win - TD just ripped Ghost apart in 2 rounds.  

The Meta
Seems that Jumpmasters and Tie Defenders are the ships of choice right now although the Imperial Aces + Palpatine build was also popular.  Of the TD lists at the event only 2 were using the double shot card mine and one that used Fletchette Cannons rather than Ion Cannons.  The rest went with PTO, Twin Ion Engines & the other Title upgrade and greater agility.  Arc dodging rather than sticking out crap loads of firepower seemed to be the name of the day.  Some games went an hour before the first ship was killed, two of mine (1 win 1 loss) lasted 15 minutes each.  Did a rough count after round 2 and got the following ship and faction tally:

Rebel - 4
Scum - 8
Imperial - 15

Most popular ships
Jumpmaster - 11
Tie Defender - 10
A-Wing - 9
Shuttle - 7

Ships not seen at all
Tie Punisher

The Games
Played 4 in the end as I got a bye in round 3.  2 horrible losses, 1 close lose and 1 big win + the bye resulted in a disappointing day results wise.  One of those losses was against the Jumpmaster Dengar list which I have to say is just horrible - there should be some kind of limit on how many stress tokens a ship can take before it blows up or something.   My list was ok i just didn't fly very well in a couple of games the lack of match play practice really hurt.  I also lacked the agility and arc dodging ability that most other lists had.  Of the 2 Ties Rexlar did very little while Ryad was extremely good.  The Zeta Ace as predicted died quickly.  Going forward I'll probably modify the list to take 2 standard Ties + Ryad and a Glave Pilot instead.  

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Miniature Wargaming The Movie said...

Nice pics. One big win counts for more than any losses ;P