August 24, 2016

On the painting table - lots of WIP

After a month or so with nothing to paint I now have a sizeable pile (for me) of models to get through after a few acquisitions over the last week.  Painting delayed though as I've run out of undercoat and need to buy a pile of new paints having run out of basically everything except Mephiston Red & GW Washes.

Chaos Rhino No.4
Sanctum Imperalis - had fun assembling this plan on using it for a display board

Space Marine Chaplain, Librarian and Captain - the Chaplain will join the Word Bearers as a Dark Apostle the other two will go with my Death Watch.
Harlequins all ready to go now I just need some blue paint
Deathwatch Vanguard
Deathwatch Veterans plus Watch Captain
My next purchase - benefits of my wife being in Canada & the UK where prices are cheaper
Time for a supply run to Kapiti....

August 20, 2016

WIP - Deathmasque box set + some CSM action

Making some progress on my Deathmasque box set.  Started with the Harlequins as I want to get some cork tiles to complete the basing on the Deathwatch before I start assembling them.   Really liking the models in the box the usual GW standard with a reasonable range of options - thats probably the hardest thing about the DW choosing what load outs to give them.  Only issue was that the instructions seemed to be missing 2-3 pages those showing how to assemble the Sky Weavers. Luckily Bell of Lost Souls had a link to a PDF version of the instructions with the missing pages. Seems a strange omission on GW part.

August 17, 2016

Chaos Space Marines @ 2500ps

My last game of anything for the next few weeks tomorrow night and its going to be a big one (for me anyway) at 2500pts.  Having seen what SM can take at 2500pts I'm a little bit worried as my collection is limited so 2500pts is basically everything I have.  This is what I've come up with

Crimson Slaughter Formation
Brethern of Dark Covenant
Dark Apostle
w. Bolt Pistol, Gift of Mutation, Mark of Tzeentch, Power Maul, Sigil of Corruption
10 x CSM
w. Icon Vengeance, Melta, Melta, Gift Mutation, Power Maul, Rhino, Dirge Caster, Havoc Launcher
10 x CSM
w. Icon Vengeance, Melta, Melta, Gift Mutation, Power Maul, Rhino, Dirge Caster, Havoc Launcher
5 x Possessed
w. Mark of Tzeentch, Gift of Mutation, Rhino, Dirge Caster, Havoc Launcher

The Dark Apostle basically gives the formation FNP and Zealot, and the Icons ensure that everyone is Fearless so thats probably wasted points but helps I guess?

Khorne Daemonkin CAD
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
3 x Bloodcrushers
8 x Bloodletters
8 x Bloodletters
Skull Cannon

Chaos Space Marine CAD
w. Mark of Khorne, Juggarnaut, Sigil of Corruption, Axe of Blind Fury, Gift of Mutation, VoLW
10 x Cultists
10 x Cultists
3 x Mark of Nurgle Obliterators
3 x Mark of Nurgle Obliterators
2 x Mark of Nurgle Obliterators

Should be fun...

August 12, 2016

Social 40k -Tau vs. CSM & that's a lot of tanks!!!

Some good games going down last night at my local store "The Bad Cave" including another match up between my CSM and Alex's Tau.  The other guys were all running big lists at 2500pts one of which included 400pts+ of free vehicle upgrades.  I don't think I've ever seen that many tanks on a table before outside of Flames of War. Local player Scott has been Nurgling up a storm with the green stuff as well.

Dave & Caban go hard out

August 11, 2016

Dude wheres my Land Speeder?

Just found this short story by Black Library author supremo Aaron Dembski Bowden which answers the question "Why does Chaos no longer have any Whirlwinds or Land Speeders when they had them during the heresy?"

"Dude, Horus just croaked. What now?"

Abaddon re-tied his topknot. He totally had an idea. "I totally have an idea," he said. 

The Traitor Legions looked on expectantly. 

"Here's what we do. We run away."

Many helmed heads nodded. This seemed a wise course of action.

"Good idea," said Erebus.

'Hush." Abaddon frowned at the interruption. "But I think we should leave behind our jetbikes, Dreadclaws, Whirlwinds, Landspeeders - pretty much all anti-grav technology, really - as well as our bikes, attack bikes, and pretty much anything else we've used so far."

Fewer helms nodded this time. 

"Dude," said Lucius the Eternal, "we might need all that stuff. Some of that stuff is rad."

"Nah, I've made up my mind. Let's just go."


"Let's. Just. Go." 

Abaddon waved the Talon of Horus. Its scythe-blade fingers made clickety-click sounds.

"Okay, let's just go," agreed Lucius.

Kharn wasn't so easily placated. "What about Cyclone Launchers? Because I saw those in Horus Heresy: Collected Visions, so we must be using th--" 

"I feel like I'm talking to myself, here." Abaddon pointed a claw at the World Eater. It poked Kharn in the eye.

"Ow, Jesus, man. Okay, okay. We'll go."

"Yeah, that's what I thought."

Abaddon pimp-walked from the room, strutting like he owned the place.

"Hey, what about this conversion beamer?" asked Typhus. "Couldn't we use these in Rogue Trader? These are awesome. They go, like, FWOOOOOSH."

"Leave it!" Abaddon's voice called from the other room. Typhus put it down, grumbling.

Fabius Bile sort of shrugged. "So, uh, can I come with you guys? Because I was checking the passenger lists, and none of the Legions are taking their Apothecaries. I mean... don't you need us?"

Lucius patted his brother on the shoulder. "It's okay, man. We'll allude to the Apothecaries in the background text. I mean, you won't get to ever do anything, but you'll sort of be there in the fluff, y'know? A bit? Maybe?"

"Balls to this. I'm leaving the Legion. I'll make my own rules."

Kharn snorted. "Your rules will be lame for competitive play. Just watch. And people will call you Fabulous Bill."

The Traitors walked from the chamber, out to the landing pad. It was deserted.

"Uh, Abbs?"

Abaddon turned to Ahriman. "S'up?"

"Um." The Thousand Son gestured to the empty landing pad. "Where are all our gunships?"

Abaddon ignored him. "Weren't you red a minute ago?"

"We're blue now. It's... it's this whole... thing. Look, seriously, where are our Thunderhawks?"

"Oh, right. Them." Abaddon toyed with his topknot, swishing it back and forth, like a kitten with a fluffy toy. "We won't need those. We can run everywhere and stuff. Or push Rhinos out of hangers and ride them through the atmosphere. It'll be cool."

The Traitors shared a glance. This wasn't going well. 

Abaddon noticed their hesitation, and sought to calm them. 

"Relaaaaax. I'll invent new stuff. Like... spider robots with daemons in, and they have claws and stuff. They'll defile things. Maybe they can be called Defilotrons. It'll be sweet. And they'll have a gun on their chests, and tiny little heads. 

What? Why are you looking at me like that? You just wait. We'll rock this place all to hell."

August 10, 2016

Call to Arms 40k - Day 2 Two

Game 4 vs. Grey Knights (Deon Adamson)
Grey Knights vs. CSM and Khorne Daemonkin is a match up that isn't meant to go well for the forces of order... sorry I mean Chaos.  The scenario only had 4 objectives and was played from short table edge to short table edge with 2 objectives roughly in each quarter of the respective deployment zones.  Having played the scenario at Glen's place I'd gotten some great advice on how to win it which relied on baiting my opponent with a few units on my objectives while Deep Striking everything else behind him once he moved up.  

August 9, 2016

Call to Arms 40k - Day One

Game 1 vs. Dark Angels (Jake Easton)
Scenario for this match saw a Space Ship crash in the middle of the table.  To win you had to capture it and hold it with more scoring units than your opponent... simple right?  Having seen Jake's list in action I had a couple of early goals first of which was to kill off his Laser Cannon squad, and then target his Objective Secured units.  This worked pretty well but I started to take heavy losses as the game moved on.  Space ship came down in Turn 2 and match turned into a slug fest in the middle of the board.  Key error on my part was keeping my Lord out of the fight until it was too late.  

Damn drop podding Melta Squads!!!

August 8, 2016

Call to Arms 40k - Results & Army Parade

Back from a very enjoyable weekend of gaming at the Wellington Warlords annual convention Call to Arms.  Nearly hit a cow on the Highway on the drive down, didn't play very well but 40k is still a great game to play.  Cheers to Craig Stewart for his great work organising the event.  CTA was also a rather different event this year not only as it was my first time playing 40k there but also for the other games that were present.  Notable was the large contingent of Age of Suckmar players who apparently were all GW employees, several Blood Bowl tables and the organised Dystopian Wars competition.  KoW had a reasonable turnout as well but Flames of War seemed to be suffering with just 4 tables and 8 gamers there for that competition. Last time I played FOW at this event there were nearly 30 competitors so its a pretty big drop.

My Army - CSM + KD Charnel Cohort

August 1, 2016

Call to Arms 2016 - 40k 1st Round Draw

Continuing a great trend by TO's the last couple of years the first round draw for CTA has already been released giving everyone some idea of what they'll face first up this weekend.  The first round match ups for this Saturday are:

  • Deon Adamson (Inquisition + Grey Knights) vs. Paul Webby (Dark Eldar Coven Grotesquerie)
  • Adam Richards (Space Wolves) vs. Michael Price (Tau)
  • Aidan Corlet (Tyranids) vs. BYE opponent (Ultramarines)
  • Alex Neil (Tau - Riptide Wing) vs. Sean Sullivan (Dark Eldar - Realspace Raiders)
  • Alick Harris (CSM Black Legion) vs. Bryn Jones (SM Crimson Fists)
  • Cody Parlato (Grey Knights Nemesis Strike Force) vs. Shane Ronganui (Eldar Craftworlds)
  • Daniel Slater (SM Salamanders) vs. Scott Engebrets (CSM)
  • Dave Hodgetts (Necrons) vs. Glen Burfield (Eldar Craftworlds)
  • Greg Greenfield (Eldar Craftworlds) vs. Ryan Pike (Eldar Craftworlds)
  • Jake Easton (Dark Angels) vs. Me (CSM + KD)
  • Matt Green (Necrons) vs. Simon Smith (SM Raven Guard)
  • Nat Pihama (Tau) vs. Sergio Campbell (Astra Militarum)
  • Rob Ranson (CSM - Crimson Slaughter) vs. Thomas Watson (Space Wolves)
So its Dark Angels for me first up facing down the following list

Librarian w. L2, Auspex, Melta Bombs, Pyschic Hood, Bike, Force Sword, Deathwing
Librarian w. L1, Auspex, Deathwing, Pyschic Hood, Force Sword
5 x Command Squad w. 5 x Meltaguns, Drop Pod w. Storm Bolter
5 x RW Command Squad w. Plasma Talon, RW Apothecary, Teleport Homer, Blade of Caliban
5 x Scouts w. Camo Cloaks
10 x Tactical Mariness w. Rhino, Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun
5 x Assault Marines w. Flamer x2
1 x Nephillim Jet Fighter
2 x Raven Wing Landspeeders
5 x Devastators w. 4 x Las Cannons, Signum

I'll try to figure out what it does before Saturday but will probably just wing it on the day.